Who would be interested in a content posting contest?


qᴉʇ oɟ ɐ ɔnuʇ
Sep 27, 2016
The Slaughtered Lamb, Yorkshire.
Squid mentioned this to me so I'm just seeing what the deal is.

@Libertas, is it numbers you were thinking of, as in, whoever posts the most in that period wins? I don't think I could dedicate that much time to posting, so winning isn't my goal, but I'm happy to get involved to boost some interest.

And I saw you mentioned reposts. If two videos were posted by 2 members but one has, for example, a theYNC watermark running down it, and the other one is clean, would you deem that a repost or a seperate video in it's own right?
I'm asking because I accidently uploaded one earlier (apologies to @kony) although it didn't have a watermark. Just curious really :)


Death Addict
May 22, 2018
Yeah will there be a vote on quality uploads? Like if some member posted a video not widely shared on sites like Kaotic etc. Making your own watermark which interferes with the video and unnecessary intros should count against if that's the case. I like clean videos or at least if there is a watermark there's only one.


Death Addict
Apr 19, 2016
Excellent questions, Maggot.

I believe that the contestants should reply to this thread, and edit in all of their entries in so that we can check them out after the contest ends with some members' assistance (e.g. @Kayla and @SpecterP -- if they wish to help, of course) and check for reposts, etc.

To answer your other question, I believe that it's only fair to count the one without the watermark, cause it had to have been harder to obtain to begin with.

Ultimately, I do agree with SpecterP -- quality does matter, and I will have to talk to @kony and see if he can stop re-encoding the videos unnecessarily. A lot of these videos are filmed on cheap Android phones and are bitstarved to begin with, so re-encoding them multiple times doesn't help one bit...

So, peeps who have signed up so far:
- @kony
- @Maggot
- @13th Hour

I think we need at least 2 more peeps to make it fun. So, everyone ok with the contest officially starting on 1st of July, and ending on 31st of July? Hopefully someone else signs up in the mean time.

Entries that you submitted in the mean time (e.g. after this topic was posted) would indeed count, so no problem there.