Video showing a live 15 cm parasitic worm being removed from a man's eye!

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    Video footage has captured the moment doctors removed a wriggling worm from a man's eye. The unnamed patient, from India, complained of both pain and itching in his eyes and decided to seek medical help. Amazed doctors spotted the parasite, which measured 15cm, squirming around in one of his eyeballs and pulled it out. Further tests revealed the 60-year-old also had worms in his blood. The medical term for a parasitic worm or its larvae in the eye is called ocular filariasis. It is transmitted by mosquitoes. Domestic animals like cats and dogs may serve as reservoirs of infection. During a blood meal, mosquitoes ingest microfilaria and they become infective in 10 days. Patients contract the disease through repeated episodes of mosquito bite. The most common clinical presentation of ocular filarial infestation is chemosis, lid edema, orbital cellulitis anterior uveitis, or worm in the anterior chamber. Once a parasite is identified in the vitreous cavity it should be removed immediately live and intact. Immediate removal is necessary because it is capable of migrating to various parts of the eye and could cause structural damage and severe intraocular reaction, severed parasite may cause serious intraocular inflammation, and intact parasite is necessary for proper identification of species and any systemic treatment if needed for it.
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    It's amazing what doctors can do in this time. Thanks.
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