Traces of Death IV: Resurrected (1996)

Dr Lecter

Death Head
Mar 16, 2018
USA the greatest country on Earth!
Faces and traces of death, I got ahold of both sets (well what was produced at the time) when I was 8. My fascination with the human condition, psyche and death was realized at that moment. I remember the room I sat in binge watching over and again for 2 days. Ain't been the same since. Not to sound edgy but it really is a fond childhood memory.
Remember the first time i found my dads "Faces of Death and Banned from T.v"
Think i was 7, remember the firing squad shoot a guy and his jaw got blew off and he was still trying to breath lol.

It was jaw dropping lol.
That was the best agonal breathing cut ever!