Things That I Hate About My Grandpa


Hell_Kitty666's daddy.
Sep 4, 2019
imagine supporting and providing for your grandkid that takes pictures of you sleeping to post on a gore site.


Sep 23, 2017
Los Angeles California
1. He is stretching his old eggs

2. He is farting

3. He is spitting too much in the toilet and in the kitchen
and in his room with my grandma ( especially when he drinks a beer with
his friends = he pukes )

4. i hate when he gets drunk sometimes and he is
arguing with my grandma in the kitchen and saying too many times
'' listen to me very carefully '' and starting breaking things and stuff

5. I hate that when he comes to my room for no reason and then leaves
few months ago:

i was sleeping in the morning and i woke up by my grandpa he was staring at me like a pedophile
and i said in my mind '' why he came here for no reason, what does he want from me? ''

he was just staring at me and then he finally leaved and slammed the door.

6. I hate when people bullied me, and i don't want to go outside until my good luck comes.
But my stupid grandpa/grandma always drags me outside and that's really making me mad!!!

7. he always walks with his flip flops/slippers and he doesn't care

i feel sick after posting this
Be happy you still have him, some of us like myself miss the hell of what your grandpa does so keep that in mind. Don’t worry be happy with him.