The Red Room: A Creepypasta


Sep 3, 2019
If a Red Room were to go from Dark Web myth to reality would you give it a go? Purely hypothetical with some reasonable assumptions. First, the method of transmission would be using a theoretical Darknet which would guarantee 100% anonymity. Second, a theoretical crypto currency would also guarantee 100% financial transaction anonymity and easily attainable. Thirdly, the whole scenario would be as legal as watching atrocity media is currently so no concerns about being an accessory/directly charged with murder. Fourth, this theoretical Darknet could broadcast a live stream flawlessly.

So all this aside, if the price of admission were $100 for the first ever Red Room show on the Dark Web would you join? The entry fee would also allow you to give one suggestion for the show. For example something simple like twisting a nipple with pliers or a hard punch to her stomach. Say the star in this hypothetical scenario were a 20something white, curvy, attractive female. The finale would be predetermined but for the future shows bidding would decide the ultimate end.
is it impossible to stream on the deep web?