The Lance Saga- Space Station Fever, new Saga!

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    Brand new saga! Contact me if interested in more!

    The Lance Saga - Space Station Fever

    There was also a small space station and sensors found about 100 humanoids living there. It
    had artificial gravity and at least 20 decks. He approached it, not even bothering to activate his
    cloaking device. "What do we have here?"

    The curious Lance used his implanted sliptime teleporter to beam over to one of the station's
    lower decks. He needed a weapon so again he used a Biomechnio implant, this time his matter
    transtator, and replicated his favorite weapon, the XT/F 40 Mega' Blaster. It was a .75 caliber
    fully automatic machine rail gun that typically fired caseless depleted Uranium slugs at hyper
    velocity, but almost any hard or semi-hard ammunition can be created on the fly using a no clip,
    no reload mini-transtator for unlimited firing. The rail gun was super efficient and re-charged
    after each shot in less than 2 microseconds. The gun is designed to fire 15,000 rounds a minute
    in full auto mode. It has also features a grenade launcher, grapling hook, and several SEEIC
    (Standardized External Equipment Interface Connection) ports for custom mods or attachments.

    He had apparently teleported to a maintenance bay. Some cunt was there organizing boxes of
    highly acidic solvent. She had long brown hair, straight, and parted almost exactly at the center.

    "Lovely bitch!" he called out to her. She was extremely surprised and dropped the box she
    was holding. The powerful chemicals spilled out onto her legs and she screamed as it ate into her
    flesh. "Ha ha ha!" Lance laughed and strolled over to her. By now she was on the ground
    flailing like a fish out of water. "Stupid cunt!!" He picked up one of the bottles, opened it, and
    poured it right onto her crotch. It dissolved the clothing and once it hit her vagina, her pain
    became almost too intense to withstand, but she shrieked in agony but remained awake. It
    destroyed her clit, labia and everything surrounding it. Being immune to chemicals, Lance
    removed his pants and his cock was instantly hard as a rock. He got on top of her and ripped off
    her top. She wasn't wearing a bra and he slapped her medium sized tits back and forth, then
    pinched her nipples and twisted them. He also inserted needles into her tit flesh and put metal,
    super strength alligator clips on her nipples and surrounding areola. She yelped in pain and
    shook from the suffering. Lance smiled and decided to rape the piece of meat.

    At once he shoved his thick, veiny rod straight into her and as far in as he could go. He felt his
    tip pressing against her cervix and she screamed much louder than before as her inner vagina skin
    simply disintegrated from the solvent. He smiled at her reaction and began thrusting in and out
    of her wrecked cunt with much force. With each insertion, her tube was damaged more, to the
    point, after 10 non-stop minutes of being raped, she mercifully passed out.

    But Lance would not let her off that easy. He threw ice cold water on her face and she woke
    back up, only to have Lance thrust one last time, and so fucking hard that he actually tore his way
    into her uterus since the cervix was almost melted away. He shot his load in her baby sack while
    punching her viciously in the face with his huge closed fist. Once her teeth were knocked out,
    her nose was broken, and both her eyes blackened and swollen shut, he pulled out and laughed at
    the gaping hole that used to be her twat. She pleaded for him to stop between moans of pain, but
    he merely grabbed her throat with one of his enormous hands and started to strangle her while
    using his other hand to stroke himself until he came again, this time all over her face and in her
    mouth. Blood mixed with his semen and she just sobbed. He squeezed her neck really hard until
    he heard a grotesque snapping sound and she went limp. Still not satisfied, Lance slashed her
    throat with his Bushmaster knife, cut her tits off, and stabbed her in the gut until he saw
    intestines. Then poured the remaining solvent all over her desecrated corpse and took a piss on
    her while she sizzled into a mess of chemicals and liquid tissue.

    Suddenly, a security guard appeared and was flabbergasted at the horrific scene. She screamed
    for help but Lance grabbed her by the hair and flung her across the bay with ease. She recovered
    and pulled out an energy weapon and pointed it at him.

    "What is this?" he queried.
    "I'm taking you to the brig!" she informed Lance.
    "Oh?" he replied while displaying a shit eating grin. Lance thrust at her but she discharged her
    weapon. It was absorbed by his shield and he remained unharmed. He took hold of her again by
    the hair and punched her in the chest so hard several of her ribs broke. She gasped for air and fell
    to her knees before him. "Ah, the perfect position!" he joked while taking off his pants. He
    forced open her mouth and shoved himself inside her gullet. He was so big that his cock went
    part way down her throat and she began gagging. Lance didn't care and face fucked her while
    laughing. But it was a heartless laugh. A cold laugh. He didn't have feelings, he didn't care
    about other people. He only wanted to feed on her pain.
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    Part 2:

    She kept gagging and he thrust into her mouth all the way to his nuts. He was now halfway
    down her throat and her neck bulged out from the pressure. The cunt's face was starting to turn a
    lovely shade of blue and her eyes got blood shot. But he was not done. He forced himself to piss
    down her neck instead of cumming. He wanted to save that for later.

    The stupid whore was almost dead, and he finally pulled out. She took in a deep breath, but
    was forced to swallow all of his urine. She spit up blood as one of her lungs had been punctured
    by her broken ribs.

    She started sobbing, trying her best to take in oxygen. Lance laughed and forced her to turn
    around so her ass faced him. He wanted some doggy style sex. Except he took her arms and
    handcuffed them behind her back and pulled her hair to keep her sitting up, still on her knees.

    The filthy slut thought that just maybe Lance would leave her alone if she allowed this heinous
    rape. But this was obviously not the case.

    "Please, don't do this! I'm a virgin! I'm getting married in two weeks! Don't violate me!"
    she cried out.
    "Oh my God, you fucking worthless whore! One, you won't live to see the day you get
    married, and two, I'm gonna fucking rape you and kill you. Period."

    "NO!!!!" she screamed. Lance yanked her by the hair ripping out a handful of her mane, then,
    instantly shoved his fat, thick cock right into her warm pussy. Her hymen ruptured nicely and
    fresh blood trickled out. She shrieked at she sharp pain and was almost too tight to even take
    him all the way in. But that didn't stop the rape. He put himself all the way in while laughing.
    All the fucking way inside this little slut. The hymen blood merely turned him on more and he
    pumped violently, thrusting like a madman until her pussy became literally torn open. She cried
    out again and again, as best she could with one working lung. He enjoyed her suffering and
    laughed again every time she cried.

    After a punishing, blatantly vicious 20 damn minutes of this, he finally pulled out. Her cunt
    didn't even close. It was definitely ripped open. The pain was immense. She was about to pass
    out when Lance inserted his bloody rod up her ass and again, all the way. Her bowels were warm
    and he enjoyed ass raping her and this new pain woke her back up as her ass was even tighter
    than her pussy. But he couldn't hold it any longer after 10 minutes, after ripping her bowels to
    shreds, he pulled out, and made her jack him off with one of her cuffed hands.

    "You better make me cum you stupid bitch!!" he screamed at her. He kicked her in the ribs
    breaking even more of them until she collapsed on her stomach, bleeding from her ass, cunt, and
    mouth. Surprisingly, she stroked him without hesitation, her will appearing to have been broken
    at last.

    She was face down and Lance bashed her head and nose against the grated metal flooring over
    and over while she still played with his cock. One last head smash and her jaw and nose became
    broken. Sickening sounds escaped her lips and her hand went limp. "God damn fucking stupid
    slag!" he screamed and kept bashing her head with so much force that it cracked her skull.

    But that didn't stop him. He bashed her head again and again and again. Finally he saw brain
    tissue and jacked off on it, cumming on the grey matter. "Haha!" he snickered and tossed the
    body into a matter re-processor.

    His activities apparently triggered an alarm and the other members of the station became
    alerted to his presence.

    "Fuck me." Lance stated as a group of heavily armed guards suddenly appeared after he
    walked into the corridor.

    "Stop! We are taking you to the brig!" one of them said while activating some sort of laser
    gun. Lance smiled.

    "Oh? I'd like to see you try, mother fucker." was his nonchalant answer. Seeing blood on
    Lance's hands and body, they decided to discharge their weapons instead of attempting to take
    him into custody. The primitive beam weapons caused no damage, even with Lance's personal
    energy shield turned off. "See, I told you." he said.

    One of the guards, a fairly muscular, 6 foot 5er, thought he would be a bad ass and engage
    Lance in hand to hand combat. "Oh my God people!" the now annoyed super soldier exclaimed
    while easily parrying the guard's initial attack. The man regained his composure and attempted
    to attack Lance again, this time with a switchblade. "What year is this, you are attacking me with
    a fucking knife? Didn't you see what happened when you tried with your ray guns?" Lance
    joked. The guard was not amused and thrust at him with the dagger. He brushed off this second
    attack, grabbed the main's wrist and hand, and crushed them with alligator like force, turning
    every bone into dust. He shrieked in pain and Lance took the knife and rapidly jabbed out both
    of his eyes, then slit his throat. He threw him down to bleed out then used his beam weapon to
    annihilate the other guards who stood shocked at Lance's actions and apparent lack of empathy.
    Once they were all vaporized, Lance made his way to the station's living quarters on the upper
    level. He knew just how to get there after accessing a computer terminal he found. After the
    short trek, he arrived.

    Using his thermal scanning eye implant, Lance detected two girls hiding inside one of the
    rooms. The door was barricaded, but that didn't stop Lance who had nearly unlimited strength.
    He burst right through, completely taking the two cunts by surprise. They screamed out and
    Lance punched one in the face knocking her clean out. She dropped down on the decking, and he
    took hold of the other's throat and told her to tie up the unconscious bitch. She did so without
    question, fearing for her life. Her fears were justified of course, as Lance leaves no one alive.

    Once the act of bondage was complete, Lance next instructed the teen girl to disrobe. Again,
    she complied. He positioned her against one of the bunk beds, standing, with her ass facing him
    and her head down. She was completely naked and he began to whip her with a razor wire
    flogger on her back. She cried from the sudden burning pain as he continued to viciously strike
    her, instantly producing blood.

    "Please stop! It hurts so much!!" she screamed.
    "Shut up bitch!" Lance yelled at her, hitting the bitch even harder. After her back was
    completely destroyed, he went to work on her ass. But it was too much, after her buttocks looked
    like raw hamburger, and she collapsed. "The fuck??" he exclaimed. Lance grabbed her hair and
    place her ass out on the bottom bunk. Her whole back and ass were shredded and bloody, and it
    was a wonder she didn't bleed out, or die from the sheer agony. He smiled and poured some
    pure Moonshine on the wounds, waking her up at once and she cried out once more, then simply
    sobbed, giving in to the pain. He jacked off and nutted in her blood.

    By this time the other cunt woke up, so he first strangled the naked whore until her throat
    simply crushed from the force of his grip, causing a wonderfully cruel death. Then he took the
    tied girl and violently raped her. Her twat was shaved, turning him on even more, and was quite
    puffy, indicating she was young. This aroused Lance so much that he exploded inside her within
    was seemed like seconds. Infuriated by this, he grabbed her hair, brought her close to his face
    and bit off her nose and ears and ate them. Then Lance ripped her nipples of with vice grip pliers
    and burned away the remaining torn areola with an oxi- acetylene torch. Her cries of pain never
    stopped during all of the torture.

    Lance finally stopped, only after she was a broken shell. Bloody and worn. He ended her
    existence by stabbing her in the face and throat no less than 50 times. She eventually bled to
    death and was horribly mutilated by his heartless deed.

    "Stupid space station." Lance said with a sigh. "I want to check out this Earth." He teleported
    back to the Malkin, replicated a Quantum Particle Disrupter via a SEEIC, and fired it at the
    station reducing it to shredded atoms in mere seconds.
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