The Idea's For Mama too Post Thread...

I've been thinking on this for a few months now, a thread where you can come and make a suggestion on what you would like to see me post. I'm gonna test it out for a couple of days to see how it goes. I don't want smart assed suggestions, or sexual (unless of course its rape or along those lines, I wont do anything explicitly sexual.) I get alot of PM's asking if I would do certain posts that I either haven't heard of or haven't made a post about it yet. I know you all can come up with some great ideas but please remember, I wont be able to get to them all at once these things take time, and I will pick the ones I feel will get the most traffic...Alrighty suggest away!...


Bunghole Connoisseur
Sep 6, 2017
I’m a particular fan of people who have been cut in half but are still alive...momentarily. I know those are found more so as videos but I bet they have some interesting articles and pictures maybe even survivors :)