The Heart-Wrenching Executions of 3 Young Gulf Cartel Members by Los Zetas

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Jun 24, 2016
In early 2012, video surfaced of three younger-than-usual cartel members meeting their grisly ends.

These three young men were members of Cartel del Golfo – or The Gulf Cartel. Their captors and executioners were members of Los Zetas – or The Zs. Ironically, Los Zetas started out in 1999 as essentially the “weaponized” sect of The Gulf Cartel and are former elite members of the Mexican Army. This partnership lasted until 2010.

The video starts with eight hooded figures standing in full camo, black berets, and carrying assault rifles. One wears a helmet and stands dead center.

Knelt before them are three young men, shoulder-to-shoulder, with their hands bound behind their backs, blindfolded, and dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts.

It takes place in a clearing in a cornfield.

A few brief words are spoken by the man in the helmet where he introduces the group of standing men as Los Zetas.

Starting from the viewer’s right, the man wearing the helmet taps on his shoulder and asks him his name.

“Nelson Mora Ornelas,” the young man says. He’s dressed in a maroon t-shirt.

The man then taps the youngster in the middle and asks him his name.

“Antonio del Ángel Fernández,” he replies, dressed in a navy blue t-shirt.

Again, the helmeted figure moves to the next, taps his shoulder and asks the same thing.

“Edgar Sánchez Pérez,” he replies. He wears a white t-shirt.

He then asks who they represent, to which the three reply in unison, “Cartel de Golfo.”

The mysterious man then continues interrogating, asking all about The Gulf Cartel. His questions are directed at the young man on the left, who gives all of the information asked of him.

Perhaps resigned to the fact that he’s not getting out of the situation alive, he readily gives up the names Ramón Cortés Pérez, Raúl Cortés (while also giving his nickname, El Rápido – or The Fast), Alejandro Cortés Pérez, the money launderer, and a host of other names of Gulf Cartel members, along with their positions within the cartel and their duties.

The questions cease at the 1-minute, 16-second mark when the Los Zetas member directs his speaking toward the camera.

He essentially tells the viewers, “Look at these golfas (whores)” and (paraphrasing), “this will happen to all who choose to go against us.”

Just moments later, as he winds up his speech, he motions with both hands to the other Los Zetas members to move in toward the three young men.

The first had stood the furthest left and unsheathed a knife from his right leg’s cargo pocket while approaching Edgar Sánchez Pérez, the young man in the white t-shirt who had provided all of the information.

He immediately grabs Edgar’s hair and tilts his head back. All semblances of calm and resignation to his fate go out the window as the doomed young man feels the knife begin to saw at his neck. He then screams loudly just one time, before going silent again.

As his killer is still at work, the young man on the far right, Nelson Mora Ornelas (maroon t-shirt) is taken hold of by his assassin. His screams start the moment he is touched and are more of sheer terror than pain in the beginning.

Once the slicing begins, the screams remain unchanged, but his legs start flailing maniacally, as one might expect.

Even as this unspeakable act unfolds, the former is now lying face-down on the ground, silent, and yet another captor then takes an axe and starts taking full-force swings at Edgar’s neck. It takes only three swings with the force he uses. He then steps back as another moves in to finish the job with a knife.

Almost a full thirty seconds passes before we hear the obvious sign that the knife working at Nelson’s neck has cut through to his windpipe. The screams then become garbled by the blood now pouring into it before then slowly going silent.

During these last few moments, Edgar’s head has been completely removed and is being held up for the camera.

We then see the wielder of the axe take five full swings at Nelson’s neck before the video ends.

The young man in the middle in the navy blue t-shirt, Antonio del Ángel Fernández, sat silently on his knees throughout the entire ordeal. What horrible things must have been going through his head, we will never know. His death was not filmed, but most certainly followed soon thereafter.
Omg thatd horrible


Apr 27, 2016
If I were that middle guy, I'd have gotten up and beat them all up. I hope that's what happened.


May 6, 2016
oof *cringe* that second guy took so long to die, it must have been horribly terrifying. and all that gargling and choking on his own blood... at least the first one went quick


Sep 29, 2016
Those screams... You hear the phrase "blood curdling", but it's videos like this that demonstrate the true meaning. The terror that poor man suffered. He did put up a hell of a fight keeping them away from his neck. I have always wondered what happened to the fourth guy. Logic would dictate that he suffered the same fate, but one never knows. Perhaps he was sent to tell the tale. Perhaps he was an inside guy. Who knows?


Looks like the guy in the middle got dizzy. I'm sure with what he could hear going on, on either side of him, his nerves had him on the edge of vomiting. Damn.


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Nov 27, 2016
If I were that middle guy, I'd have gotten up and beat them all up. I hope that's what happened.
Don't be silly, this isn't a super hero movie. The chances of that are very slim. His best bet would be to try to run, but with them having assault rifles with them.... Nah. That's the lesson kids- don't fuck with cartels and don't get yourself into all that dirty business shit.
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