The Dark Web is super duper scary


Oct 17, 2019
Obviously I know most of you know the dark web isn't what it's claimed to be, but here's my rant.

I remember one of the first times I got on the dark web.

I was 14 years old visiting a friend I met online in NYC. We were hovering around her laptop, literally trembling in fear to browse this horrible place. Anytime I'd click a new link or be redirected, she'd close her eyes as if Medusa was going to pop up.
I thought I was going to open up the tor browser, search whatever I wanted like it was google, and just be in a realm of drugs, gore, hitmen, declassified government files, and horrific livestreams of torture and rape. I really thought that there would be pop up ads for heroin on the side. I thought it was possible that someone was going to grab our IP, find us, take over the laptop, etc.
In my mind, it was pure madness. Everyone spoke of the dark web like it was life or death, like it was this content that was never before to be seen and would scar you for life.
You wanna know what we found?

Shitty sites built like they were prehistoric relics of the internet in 2003. Joke sites with random gifs and loud music. Sites with drug that looked like Wikipedia's grandfather with drug recipes. Forums where people talked and bullshitted as if it was just reddit. Sites selling fake ids and passports that looked like a teenage girls homemade blog. Weirdass sites and forums for internet cults where they shared odd beliefs. Lots of conspiracies and government talk.

Yes, there were sites selling drugs, sharing weird porn, videos of rape, ordinary gore, knock-offs of the anarchist cookbook, and all the CP Jeffrey Epstein could ask for.
But the hitman sites were obviously fake and for show; and there were no real redrooms, just sites counting down to literally nothing. There was nothing about the government that wasn't already known... or it just mundane or so crazy it wasn't believable.

And oh god, this is not an all you can eat buffet with free links and easy access sites. It's a good boring 30 minutes before you find some good sites. Yeah to an extent you can search on duckduckgo for sites, but I've spent hours just sharing links with people or finding sites with links and going through them one by one only to find out half of them were offline.

That's been my grand old experience. Let me hear yours :tongueout: