TaxiCab Driver Kills Himself...

Around 2:00 in the afternoon of Monday, March 18th, a death was reported to the municipal authorities. The taxi driver was inside a house where he was renting with his partner for two months in the Las Vigas community, located on Aldama street in the La Secondary school.
Neighbors of the street Aldama, when seeing that he did not leave his address they gave notice to his relatives in Barranca Prieta, because a half day had passed without seeing him at all.
Before the corresponding authorities arrived, relatives of the deceased went to his home in Las Vigas and lowered the body from where it hung, since it was hanging with a rope.
Without waiting for the authorities, they transferred him to the community of Barranca Prieta from where he originates to be veiled. Until that place the Municipal Preventive Police and the Ministerial Investigative Police went to carry out the first steps.
The young man was a taxi driver on the Las Vigas-San Marcos route...