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Some thoughts

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Dethrider87, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Dethrider87

    Dethrider87 Drawing Blood

    Nov 4, 2016
    Internet Denizen/"Ethical" Hacker
    So sitting here, listening to music, my mind flashed back to the darkest years of my life for some odd reason, then I got to thinking just how much I would like to torture and eventually kill one of my cousins for what he did to me, this is what I ended up thinking:

    Disclaimer: This is all just fantasy, I would never do this, just my way of coping with being raped by a cousin for roughly 6 years before I had gotten the courage to come forward.

    Day 1:
    I would start by drugging him, probably in his sleep, or finding a way to drug his food or drink, then when he comes back to he's in an abandoned farmhouse or something similar. He would wake up tied up, and naked for the torture that will ensue. I would start by saying this is for all those years of abuse on me. Bet you wish now that you had killed yourself that night 8 years ago huh?

    I would then proceed to take a dull rusty knife, and slowly cut his nipples off, then dump a mixture of vinegar, salt, and lemon juice on the open wounds. I would then leave for the day and let him truly think on the hell that he will find himself in.

    Day 2:
    The next day, I would ask him if he had a good night tied up there in severe pain. I would then tell him by the time I am done, he will never be able to touch anyone the way he had touched me all those years ago. I would then start the day off by breaking him down a little bit, asking him if he does to his kids what he did to me, then saying, it doesn't matter in the end, you wont leave here alive.

    The next injuries I would inflict on him would include Chinese razor torture, and sodomy by popcan. I would then take that same razor, and administer cuts along his nutsack, this way if he does survive or somehow manage to be discovered/escape, he will never want to have sex again.

    I would then slice the achilles tendon on both ankles so that he will not be able to walk. After that, I would drive spikes into the shoulder joints, elbow joints, and wrists, then cauterize the wounds so that he doesn't bleed out before i've had my fun. I would then leave for the day again, letting the torture break him down even more.

    Day 3
    The next day I would start off by using him as a human ashtray, putting my cigarettes out on his skin in between torture. I would then take another mildly sharp knife, yet still dull enough to hurt like hell, and cut the head of his penis off, then again cauterize the wound. I would also shove a rusty pipe up his ass and sew, staple, and glue it shut. I would then take a nailgun to his arms, and a car battery/jumpers to his chest, and run wires to the freshly planted nails, and jumper cables. This would be so that he would get the sensation of being electrocuted all over, without actually having to do a lot.

    After I get bored with that, I would take the car battery and smash his kneecaps with them. After that, I would laugh at him while he writhes in pain, and again reiterate to him that he will never see his family nor will they ever see him while he's alive. I would then take thumbscrews to his fingernails and toenails to crush them, I would take my own time, stopping every 5 minutes or so to admire the near catatonic state, have a smoke, and shock him back to reality with the mixture of vinegar, salt, and lemon juice. I would then tell him that i'll see him again tomorrow, and leave him there.

    Day 4:
    The next day I would start by removing his toes with a bolt cutter, and removing his fingers knuckle by knuckle with the bolt cutter as well. After that I would remove all of his teeth with a pair of pliers, and dislocate his jaw, as well as break it. From there, I would stab him just right above the groin, where the torso muscles connect with the lower muscles. From there, I would take a different knife, and slowly cut the skin off his arms layer by layer. I would then throw more of my mixture on him to add to his agony if by some miracle he hadn't passed out from pain, or flat out died by this point.

    Day 5:
    This would be the last day of his life, if he hasn't died yet due to the torture inflicted on him, this would be the day that I stop cauterizing wounds, or trying to shock him back into conciousness. I would take a hammer to his ribs, and sternum, then since i've had my fill, would shoot him in the heart, and the head.

    Note: Im sorry for the anti-climactic ending, but I had decided to not include the rest, as I wonder if what I'd written so far crossed some lines already. As stated before, I would never act out on this, having had the satisfaction of him attempting suicide, then being able to laugh at him in his face for it, and how poorly his health has been, I take more pleasure in making his life hell with mental abuse.
  2. Cpaz33

    Cpaz33 Drawing Blood

    Jun 7, 2016
    Want me to hold him down for ya?
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  3. OP

    Dethrider87 Drawing Blood

    Nov 4, 2016
    Internet Denizen/"Ethical" Hacker
    Lol, sure, I'd likely need all the help I can get
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  4. deviant2

    deviant2 Drawing Blood

    May 2, 2017
    ...the long road
    I'm all in.
    Whatcha want me to do???
  5. Charon

    Charon Death Addict

    Jun 25, 2017
    Is that cousin of yours in jail right now?


    Jul 31, 2016
    I hope you can carry said cousin. And you leave your cell phone at home and pitch his close to his home. Pings and all.
  7. OP

    Dethrider87 Drawing Blood

    Nov 4, 2016
    Internet Denizen/"Ethical" Hacker
    No he's not. I had tried shortly after i had gotten the courage to come forward about it, but could not remember dates and locations. I was also too scared to get examined by dr's. So with all that coupled together they didn't have a strong enough case...

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