So while my wife and I were watching YouTube...


just the tip... just to see how it feels
... we hear the sound of a car flying by, open throttle, on the other side of our backyard wall. There’s a stretch of road behind us, that seems to attract this kind of driving; for whatever reason. Immediately following them passing by, we heard the blood-curdling sound of tires screeching, metal slamming over and over, a loud ‘pop’, and our power entered emergency mode. I realized it must have happened almost directly behind us, so I jumped up on my concrete back wall to see if everyone was okay, and what the hell happened. It was so dark, but I heard the sound of loud groans and moaning from the bushes, so I hopped over to try to help do whatever I could. The car had flipped a few times, and landed in the side of somebody’s yard. I tried kicking at the windshield but decided to climb up to the passenger door to see if I could pull the guy out. I had no idea if there were more passengers than the one guy I could hear, if anybody was unconscious or dead, and the vehicle was leaking fluids everywhere. While trying to pry the door open,it hit me why it was so hard to see; the wires I was stepping through were the power cables from the lamp post he took clean out. The wires were live, and you could hear the humming. Then this crazy methed-out hillbilly kicks a hole through the front windshield, and takes off sprinting, olympic style. I didn’t chase after him, but went back to check the interior of the car; and although I fully expected to see arms and legs missing, it turned out that the meth head who popped through a windshield was riding solo. Anyways, got cut up on the glass and wreckage pretty good and narrowly escaped potentially fatal electrocution, only to have him ditch the stolen ride he destroyed, and get caught by K-9 units 15 minutes later. What a cock nozzle!

my oldest happened to follow after me a few minutes later with his phone, and provided the attached media. Crazy world we live in.
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