Return of the Real


Death Addict
Apr 19, 2016
Hey guys,
We are very pleased to announce that @Airbornemama is now once again a part of our Staff team. She will join Kayla in making DA great again! :D (Yes, #Trump2020)

Most of us only had pleasant interactions with Mama, but I get that the few of you haven't, and I know there is some history there, but I'll just leave it at that. It's a chewed-out story anyway, and what's done is done. We should focus on the future, but if you must bring it up, feel free to do so. You won't be silenced.

Most importantly, DA's no-ban policy hasn't changed, and no one's stay will be affected in any way whatsoever.

Let's please use this opportunity to welcome @Airbornemama back as a Staff member! :)

P.S. Like always, any sort of feedback is welcome and everyone should feel at ease to speak their mind. Honesty is the best policy!

Thank you to everyone so far, as Libertas said I wish to move forward into the future on a positive note and leave the past where it is, past. I will do you all proud but I understand if a few of you don't agree with me being staff, that is okay, not everyone can like everyone and you are ALL entitled to feel anyway you like, and please do feel free to comment whether its positive or negative its welcomed. Again, I'm very happy to help, welcome or just chat with anyone who needs or wants to speak with me...:)
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