Removal of Large Foreign Vegetable from Intestine


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This is a case of a strange rectal body, a large cucumber, which penetrated the intestine, necessitating an urgent laparotomy!

Rectal foreign bodies are large foreign items found in the rectum, which can be considered inserted through the anus rather than reaching the rectum through the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.
may be of clinical relevance if the patient can not remove it in the manner intended.
Foreign bodies ingested, smaller, like bones eaten with food, can sometimes be found stuck in the rectum in the radiography and are rarely of clinical relevance.

The most common - but still rare - complication is a perforation of the rectum caused by the foreign object itself or attempts to remove it.
Diagnosed perforations are operated immediately by opening the abdomen and removing or suturing the perforated area.
in order to suppress infections, antibiotics are usually prescribed.

Often, a temporary ileostomy is needed to protect the stitches.
After a contrast medium applied by an enema proves complete healing of the perforated area, the ileostomy is reversed.
This usually takes between three and six months.
the average hospitalization is 19 days.