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Drawing Blood
Mar 21, 2018
For when you don't necessarily want to watch total tragedy, a category for those who had it coming to them? The Feel-good gore videos that leave you feeling satisfied that justice was served.

Eg. Revenge/Punishment for rapists, murderers, Thieves, Child and Animal abusers getting their just desserts. Instant karma, being called out/beaten up for being just a general asshole etc.

Thoughts or anything else anyone wants to add?


スター・キラー DA's Firearm Savant
Still waiting on Karma to do it's biz with the drunk piece of shit that killed my sis and her friend. He kills two people because he was stupid enough to think he could drive drunk and essentially walks away with a mere ruptured bladder? Im waiting for the day he either hangs himself in prison or dies of internal bleeding due to an anal raping.