my cuts and stitches from December 5th


Whatever... I'll just date myself.
Dec 9, 2016
Portland, Oregon
i must be reallly fucked because my mental health worker finally gave me my apartment keys back and i have to overwhelming urge to cut again. I know if i do they'll court order me back to supervised living. its been two weeks and i have a wicked mad craving lmao
i dont really want to stop
Hey DD,

I am a self-harm addict as well. I think about cutting every minute of every day. Some 'experts' tell me that I must want to feel pain to forget about what is really bothering me. Truth is, cutting feels good to me. I don't experience pain because I don't cut too deep. I have been in the ER twice and in the psyche ward several times for cutting. One time I did accidentally cut too deep and didn't realize it, but I woke in the night with my feline licking my bleeding wound, apparently trying to stop the flow maybe. idk

I understand what you are going through.