Memories of Hawaii.

sir Digby

Death Addict
Feb 22, 2019
Was going through an old photo album and flashed back to an incident in 1973. I lived in Oahu, Hawaii. Some friends and I were fishing off a pier. Had been there for a while. Suddenly a hammerhead shark appeared swimming about 20 yards away, fucker was huge. Out of nowhere one of my friends thought it would be funny to push some kid we did not know off the pier. Everyone went bat shit! Some man jumped into the water, grabbed the kid and swam underneath the pier to get him back on dry ground. Hammerheads are known to be aggressive towards anything but just swam away. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with that kid anymore. When I grew up I wondered if things had gone the other way and the kid was attacked. I think it would have traumatized me.... guess this isn’t a funny story but with this audience I don’t think it matters.