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Medieval Torture Devices...

Discussion in 'Photos' started by Airbornemama, Aug 2, 2017.

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    Nov 27, 2016
    Here, there and everywhere!
    Garrotte Torture: This device would slowly crush a victim’s neck, causing death from asphyxia.

    The Judas Cradle: This torture could last days or hours. A victim would sit on this pyramid-shaped seat, with their legs tied together. If they moved one leg, the other would move as well, causing even more pain.

    Coffin Torture: Victims could be kept in cages or coffins for a length of time, depending on the crime. Blasphemy would earn them death.

    Brazen Bull: A person would be placed inside this bull and be slowly burned to death. The Greeks even invented a system of tubes so that the screams from inside would sound like an ox.

    Scold’s Bridle: Primarily used on women, this iron muzzle had a bit that was usually covered in spikes. That way, if the victim tried to talk they would be in severe pain.

    Rack Torture: A person would be attached to the rack and the torturer would turn the handle, causing ropes to pull in opposite directions on their hands and legs. Eventually, their bones would become dislocated … and then torn apart.

    Chair of Torture: There are many variants on this chair, but all include spikes covering the back, arms, seat and leg rests of the chair. To keep the victim from moving, they would be tied or pinned to this device.

    Pear of Anguish: This instrument was inserted into a victim’s orifice. Then, a screw would be turned and the four “leaves” of the pear open up and mutilate the victim.

    Breast Ripper: This was used on women, mainly those accused of forcing a miscarriage or adultery. The claws would either be hot or cold, and clenched around a woman’s breast. If she wasn’t killed, she’d be scarred for life.

    Head Crusher: This was widely used during the Middle Ages. A person’s chin would be placed on the bottom bar and the head under the cap. As the handle was turned, the cap would slowly be pressed to the bar, until the head was crushed.

    Saws: Saws were widely used as torture devices, as these tools were found in almost any house. Hanging a person upside down and sawing through them, lest they confess, was gory but affective.

    The Iron Maiden: Some dispute the legitimacy of this torture device, but if it was real, a victim would be tied inside this container and the doors were shut. The spikes wouldn’t penetrate any vital organs so it could take hours or days for death to occur.

    Spanish Tickler: This simple instrument would tear a victim’s skin apart, neither bones nor muscles were spaced. The tickler, indeed.

    Flagellation Whipping: This was extremely common in Rome, but still used during the Middle Ages.

    Pillory Torture: This was meant to publicly humiliate the victim and sometimes the crowds would make this torture lethal. Many times the victim would also be whipped.

    Breaking Wheel: A victim’s limbs would be tied to the spokes and the wheel would slowly revolve. As it turned, a torturer would bludgeon the victim. Once their bones were broken, they would be left on the wheel to die.

    Thumbscrews: Fingers were placed inside this instrument and slowly crushed as a torturer would turn the handle.

    Heretics Fork: This device was a metal rod with a fork at each end. One fork would be placed under the chin and the other at the upper chest. A collar would support the fork, forcing the victim to hold their head erect, or else they’d experience pain.

    Knee Splitter: This could be used on any limb or joint, and the spikes would slowly crush whatever was put inside the splitter.

    Crocodile Shears: These were saved for those who attempted to assassinate the king. This was a tube that contained numerous spikes on each end. A victim’s fingers or penis would be placed inside and then mutilated.
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    Apr 22, 2017
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    My personal fave is the boat, or scaphism.

    Funny I was talking to a guy who was gloating about how he's a sadistic person and shit like that, but he'd never even heard of the rack. But he doesn't know the difference between horror and gore either, so...
  3. Posthumous

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    Jul 22, 2017
    Nice thread, I love looking at this sort of stuff.

    All of these look real gnarly. Some sick little bloodthirsty fucks sat down and thought about these contraptions and how to go about making them, trying to imagine and design the worst ways they could make people suffer and die slowly. Gives us a little perspective, and makes me pretty grateful to be living right here, right now. Comfy and cosy, born in a good place and during an era where I don't have to worry about having my bones pulled apart or my head crushed because I suggested that maybe Jesus didn't actually turn water into wine. Or, you know, refusing an order to suck some religious higher-up's dick and consequently being labelled as a heretic and tortured for an inevitable confession lest I die extremely painfully. I mean, I wince like a bitch just getting a paper cut, I don't even want to imagine being forced to sit my arse down onto a chair of spikes, or spun around on a wheel while my arms and legs are smashed to pieces with a club, or being made to watch my thumbs being crushed to pulp.

    If there's one thing history has proven we're good at, it's hurting each other.
  4. Out of order

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    May 2, 2017
    I like to look at them. I saw many in real in museums. They give me chills and a tight feeling in my throat. Somehow they remind me of the true nature of humans. Animals, we are animals.
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    Rat Torture – Perhaps History’s Worst Way To Die

    Humans have a long history of developing inventive ways to hurt each other. There’s seemingly no end to the horrifying torture devices that people have conceived. But one of the most terrifying methods of torture ever created doesn’t require a man-made device at all. Instead, it just requires a rat.

    Many people naturally feel a sense of fear and revulsion towards rats. And the animals will chew through nearly anything, including human flesh. And that makes them perfect tools for torture. Especially if the torturer knew how to use them.

    One of the most fiendish forms of rat torture involves placing a rat inside a half-cage and atop a restrained person’s abdomen or if a woman the breast's. Then, the cage is slowly heated. Desperate to escape the heat, the rat begins to burrow through the only soft surface it can find: the victim’s flesh. With sharp claws and teeth, the rat quickly gnaws its way into the victim’s bowels or threw the breasts, causing excruciating pain and terror.

    Torture by Rats | Torture Museum

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  6. Holy Goat

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    Wasnt the bull only used once? On its creator?
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  7. Mr Flotsam

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    Sep 13, 2018
    ADX Florence
    Primitive garottes (Chinese / Spanish) used a rope to strangle the condemned; single upright post for the Chinese and a chair for the Spanish.

    More elaborate and, possibly, more humane devices employed a spike or star shaped blade that was screwed into the back of the condemned who was seated and restrained by a metal collar. Operating the mechanism caused the blade to enter the neck and sever the spinal column with a lesser degree of strangulation.

    Despite considerable research over a period of eight years, I can find no evidence for the provenance of the 'Pear of Anguish'. This Wikipedia article is a decent summary:

    Pear of anguish - Wikipedia

    A number of bdsm sites now offer modern versions for anal / vaginal use.

    If you have sufficient cash, I think the best is here, made from solid lead free bronze:

    Huse Dot Com: Pear Gag
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  8. Cods

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    It's a good job we're all in the modern day safe from all this shit
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    May 17, 2018
    Very, very nice. I like this tools of torture. Amazing. Thanks.
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    Jul 1, 2018
    As we have a lot of castles around i‘ve been to many torture chambers before (the first one at the age of about 8 years old) ... that might explain something, lol
    It’s fascinating to see those „tools“ and constructions in real life with all the rust or possibly even some old blood on it. Gives you some extra chills to stand next to an instrument that really has been used on someone...
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    Mar 15, 2018
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    these photos are very nice
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    Nov 28, 2018
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    I believe it was used more than once if I remember correctly.

    You are somewhat correct. The history of the brazen bull is quite interesting. If accounts are accurate, it's inventor was supposedly executed via the device. However, I believe it is considered to have been used a number of times should it have actually been implemented.Brazen bull - Wikipedia

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