Man is Flayed, Tortured and Has His Throat Slit


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Oct 19, 2015
Happened in Mexico.


Translation provided by a friend of our very own SicMonster666:

(They were basically trying to figure out how to keep him quiet.)

This blade isn't cutting to good
Negro, come help me step on him, he's to big
How is the blade not going to cut?
Go get the machete
Open it more <----He's talking about extending the blade on the box cutter
Let me see <--- Asking to see the box cutter
The victim yells
Put the stick in his mouth
The victim yells again
Put the stick in
We should cut his tongue out
Let him go
Let him go
Put the stick in his mouth
Put it in
Put it in
Put the stick in his mouth so he won't scream
He's not going to scream like that

The victim yells again
Oh yeah <--- he's responding to his victims screams
The victim is gagging on his own blood
You chose the wrong side you SOB whore mother
The victim again is gagging on his blood
You son of a bitch
Put a rag on his neck
Step on top of him Danny
He's leaving now <---- talking about the victims life
He's about to go
He's not going to die yet
Cut him and let his hands go

Video ends


Death Addict
Not the worst cartel murder video i've seen but it's up there. I wonder which Cartel is responsible for this?

Now if the full version of this video comes out then yeah it'll be high on the gruesome list. We're missing the cutting off the hands & facelift scenes.

The director's cut would be much appreciated.