Jake E Lee or Zakk Wylde


Drawing Blood
Feb 21, 2019
Most people who debate on guitarist who've played for Ozzy usually go no further than Randy Rhoads, although one bad ass little mother fucker, there were also a few that had the almost impossible task of filling that little guys giant shoes, from Brad Gillis of Night Ranger fame who had only days to learn Randy's material and finished out the tour ( can you say shit your pants ) that should have earned Brad some sort of medal. Then there's the one who got away, was chosen to replace Randy but things just didnt pan out and that will always leave the question what if, the guitarist I'm referring to is ( one of my top 5 favorites ) none other than Dokkens George Lynch, Lynch ultimately turned the gig down because Dokken was starting to blow up but I've always wondered where Ozzy's sound would have went if George had accepted the gig either wayvIvsay it would have been a win win situation, George did Amazing work with Dokken which catapulted him tobguitar Godvstatus. Then there's the Guy who did land the gig, the one and only Jake E Lee. Not only did Jake have to please the millions of Randy Rhoads fans, who by the way with out ever hearing Jake play, hated his guts because we'll, you can't replace Randy Rhoads and they would be correct. Jake came out of the gate with balls out, covering Randy's riffs so well but adding his style making it his and not just a Randy Clone and when Bark at the Moon released Jake not only proved that he was capable of filling Randy's shoes but he opened a whole brand new can of whoop ass on the fans straying far from Randy's style making his mark with his own and the people approved making Jake E Lee a house hold name and considered one of the best metal guitarist to grace the stage and a favorite amongst Ozzy fans, Definitely my personal favorite of all of Ozzy's guitarist. Then we have another well known, familiar, adopted, bastard son of father Oz and mom Sharron and that's Zakk Wylde, who's hands down had the longest tenure with the band. I think he was just 19 when he got the job, a Jersey kid who was one of the best metal guitarist on the local circuit, already an Ozzy fan and already covering his songs, he eventually landed the gig which by this time was one of the top gigs you could land, Ozzy had built a reputation for only having the best of the best of guitarist and if you got that spot, there was no question that what ever came next would be amazing. Just to look at Zakk from his promo pics in magazines, he kind of reassembled Randy a bit and word got around that this new Guy was just some Randy Clone and the fans were a little doubtful that is until people started seeing him in person and although he had the blonde hair that Randy sported, endeavored the Led Paul as Randy did, Randy was tiny Zakk on the other hand was a giantbof a guy and could beat your ass if needed and it didn't take long for the clone stigma to vanish all together like Jake before him Zakk was also able to please old and new fans alike, putting his signature on the older songs and making the new material his own with his signature pinch harmonic accents mixed with his almost southern rock/blues style making anything he plays on instantly recognizable as Zakk's. There were avfew others but none more notable than the ones mentioned and each in their own right has brought something wonderful to the table, inspiring new guitarist even today. So out of Jake E Lee and Zakk Wylde who's your favorite of the two, why and what did they bring with them to the table to win you over?

Sir Digby

Death Addict
Feb 22, 2019
Zakk (Nut Sack) Wylde sucks ass. His guitar playing is mediocre at best, I know he had a budding career before Ozzy but Ozzy made him famous. Then he shits on him after leaving. Wylde was just a poser on stage.
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