ISIS Mortar Execution


Drawing Blood
Feb 1, 2018
You know what Allah would really like? If we blew them up with mortars.

That's pretty good but I bet Allah would love if we got like a bottle of vinegar sliced them open drop the vinegar into the wounds then throw them into a pool full of piranhas. We should do that dude. You know.....for Allah!

Mr Flotsam

Death Head
Sep 13, 2018
ADX Florence
It's not a mortar or a TOW; they are using a 122mm 9M22 rocket with a 6.4 kg high explosive fragmentation warhead.

The giveaway is the attachment of the warhead to the propulsion system with the fin stabilizing system at the rear, with a continued propellant burn after the impact (the rocket is designed for typical use with a multi barrel rocket launch system {BM-21 or similar} at far greater range; maximum range is 20km).

It's not a TOW as the rocket is entirely different and the launcher lacks the required TOW modules (daysight tracker =/- nightsight tracker, fire control module and battery pack), there is also no trailing command wire.

Since the 9M22 rocket has no guidance system it's classed as an area effect weapon rather than a point target device.

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