I don't understand. How can you watch these videos?


Death Addict
Human behavior fascinates me. A lot of that behavior, and I do mean a LOT, is extremely carnal and barbaric. I often say that the human species consists of the stupidest animals of them all, but still I watch and learn. If you think about it, talking monkeys aren't much different than their non-talking cousins. Back to your question, I simply find it fascinating. How the body can take so much abuse and still cling to life. How humans will carve one another up without a second thought. How one will attempt to save the other when there is obviously no point. Extremely interesting stuff. ;)

How to delete this fucking account?

I can't watch this stuff videos. just wondering how you guys got immune for these videos?
I'm not 'immune' to it all but if you want to see what is going on in the real world then the only way to educate yourself is by watching videos and posts here (disclaimer: other sites are available) (but they're shit)