Girl Self Mutilates Before Committing Suicide on Finnish Message Board


Jan 26, 2018
Sorry for bumping an old (well, like a month or so) thread, but I'm from Finland and I'll translate a few of these.
Some of these might sound weird in English because... different languages

"Ei tässä pojat yhdellä kertaa luovuteta"
- Kinda means that she has tried it before and she's not gonna give up after her previous failure, hard to explain really.

means "Are you the person in this video?"

roughly means "I have this set myself", as in the guy who posted it has that.
^I highly doubt it's the same person as the original poster, due to it looking like a reply to the girls and their anonymous number is different lol. The person is more likely trying to show that he is tryina kill himself as well or something tbh

The admin says
"Aina sitä kuvittelee että on jo turtunut kaikkeen mitä Internet voi eteesi työntää, mutta täytyy myöntää että tuli noita lähikuvia katsellessa itsellekkin hieman huono olo."
Pretty much means that "You always think that you have gotten numb to pretty much everything that Internet can show you, but I have to admit that I got quite nauseous/sick when watching those images as well"

The video basically is just a timestamp alright, what I mean by that is that the girl said "Ylilauta ----"
as in, proof of it being real (ylilauta is the forum, then she said the date)


Dec 1, 2018
United Kingdom
I can never feel sympathy for cutters/self harmers. I always see them on message boards and sites and I'm like "just off your self and stop with the Emo shit. You're simply prolonging the misery (to your family). "
self harmers are like minded individuals in the action they perform so why not let them have a community. Shit that's what Death Addict does for people like us.


Feeding on Female Flesh
May 30, 2019
I REALLY try to empathize with these people but I can't. I can't stand the attention seeking part of it all. Write your little note and call it a day. Stop with all the pics and posts and keeping people on edge.
It's all me, me, me for them. But it's OK, I'll just watch them die and enjoy it...