Forum Reorganization


Death Addict
Apr 19, 2016
After the reorganization is there anyway to get a thumbnail preview of videos and images? That could help in the eventual merging/deleting of duplicate plus threads. Plus it helps for threads with vague/nonsensical titles.
That would depend on whether or not we can migrate the remaining videos from the forum onto the video site, because the video site generates the thumbnail automatically, and we would be able to show it before you enter the thread.

Oh and Hulksmash is right: Bashing would be contained to that specific forum.

Thx dudes & dudettes, keep 'em coming!


Co-Founder/Former Co-owner
Nov 3, 2015
I do like the fact that the flaming, etc would be contained to one forum. I can only speak for me in that I, personally, see no benefit whatsoever to having it. I've complimented Libertas both privately and publicly about what he's doing. Any opinions I have are just that. It's not my call in any way as to what to do to this site. I can only say that when we started it that one of the most frequent compliments we got was that we didn't allow the fighting and general disrespect. It does nothing but encourage childish and unneeded negativity. Love what you're doing Lib.