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Famous Witches and Their Stories...

Discussion in 'Photos' started by Airbornemama, Jun 3, 2018.

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    History has a way of painting the women of the craft in a tainted light sometimes, but there’s no denying one thing: there have been some seriously badass women throughout history. And some of them happened to also be some take-no-shit witches too. In our research on the web to look at some of the most legendary witches throughout history, we came across an article in that listed some pretty fierce witchy women. Their findings were quite interesting, and we thought they were worth mentioning for recognition purposes.

    The World of the Witch. Though most of the women require little introduction, it's important to first understand the backgrounds and relations before we dive into meeting the baddest witches the world has ever known. First, let's start by saying this: get rid of the Hollywood bullshit you have been told about witches.


    Many Interpretations. There are many forms of witchcraft practiced today and throughout history and they vary distinctly from practice to practice, so understand there is no one simple explanation for witchcraft. There are a few commonalities, however, so we will try to stick with the broadest sense of the descriptions.


    Commonalities. According to The, "they preside over the darkness, the moon, death, and rebirth. They collude with the earth through plants and herbs, sometimes to heal and sometimes, yes, to bewitch towards a fatal path. Their dominion is the unknown, the enigmatic, the realms beyond reason and logic."


    Clear as Mud. So now that things are probably about as clear as mud for you, we'll try a different approach to define the witch. According to an article in HuffPost by a practicing witch, "witches understand the world from a unique perspective irrespective of how they came to the craft."


    Badass Witches. That probably isn't much clearer for you, and for good reason. There isn't exactly a set definition for what a witch is (I believe I already eluded to that earlier). What we can tell you is that the women on this list are some of the fiercest women to have ever been considered a witch, so you decide what it means.


    The Mother of Darkness, Hectate.Witchcraft and the occult practices were very common in Greek mythology. Hectate, the Mother of Darkness, was the Greek goddess of magic - and witches. She was known for speaking with the dead, practicing herbal medicinal remedies, and offering protection to others.


    Adam's Ex-Wife, Lilith. Lilith was the original badass and the first of all witches. She was married to Adam (yes, Adam and Eve) but was cast out as "evil" when she refused to bow down to boring sex with Adam. Because of her fierce spirit, she is known as the first feminist and because of her connection to spirituality and the darkness, she is also viewed as the first witch.


    The Fairy Queen, Morgan le Fay. Morgan le Fay is widely known as the healer and fairy queen who aided King Arthur. She is said to be connected with the Irish goddess Morrigan and eventually winds up being Merlin's lover when she's cast out and enters a coven. She's known for shape-shifting and held great power.


    The Goddess of Fortitude, Rhiannon. Rhiannon is the master of perseverance and patience. Having been sentenced to servitude for a framed murder, she quietly served her sentence and then went on to live her life with her mortal husband. She is said to help others find their path and bring them inner peace and patience on their journeys.


    The New Orleans Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau was likened as a witch due to her extensive work in the herbal world. She used her knowledge of herbs and plants to aid her in a magical practice that gained her notoriety among thousands in New Orleans. Her grave is still visited with gifts today by those who hope she'll help them from beyond the grave.


    The Herbal Sorceress, Circe. Another Greek figure graces the list of the baddest witches in history: Circe the herbal sorceress. According to Greek mythology, Circe was responsible for using her herbal potions to turn men into animals and generally wreak havoc on all who caused her ill-will.


    The Pioneer of Modern Magic, Dion Fortune. In terms of modern witchcraft, no one has had as large an impact on the occult today as Dion Fortune had. She is credited with revitalizing the pagan witchcraft movement into the modern magic we know of today. Her work included several published books written on the subject and countless years studied in the fields to educate thousands of modern women of a religious experience that had all but been forgotten at that time.


    The Ultimate Bible Bad Girl, Jezebel. Jezebel is highly known as being an adultering and cunning bad girl in Biblical times. "She is portrayed as a cruel and evil blaspheming woman that persecuted the followers of Yahweh," explains. It's this rebellious and devious behavior that leant her a reputation for being a witch, but it's her unapologetic badass behavior that lands her a spot on our list.


    The Crone of the Woods, Baba Yaga.Baba Yaga has sparked many fairytale legends and horrifying depictions of witches (think Hansel and Gretel). Baba Yaga is an old crone who lives in the woods in a cottage that sits on chicken legs. She is known for either helping those who pass her path or eating them. It's a toss-up.

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    Very cool! I thought you may like to read this @LadeeV
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    Oh yes very interesting!
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    [​IMG] Blessed Be Mama!
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    Maria Orsitsch This is one occultist that I would loved to have met :rolleyes: maria-orsic.jpg
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    Witches are so fucking hot! Oh man when I was freshly 14 I ended up stumbling across a few in the hills, dancing half naked. Like in a book! One of the most beautiful sights i've seen. You know what i'm not sharing the rest of this story lol (no, no sex that day but the moment that opened my mind to embrace the dark) ooohhhh man i'm getting all revved up. One died a year later, jumped in front of a train right in front of me. I picked up her leg. Ahhhhhh NEVER MIND I never knew my brain could be so tickled..... thanks? Fucking fucks I hate loving this community!
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