E-girl beheaded on Instagram


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Jul 26, 2018
damn this is craazy. He better should have killed himself though... Now he will rot in prison for his whole life...


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Nov 27, 2016
Looks to me like she was a whore and a cunt. Got exactly what she deserved. I proclaim karma.



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Not sure if it was mentioned (I didn't read all the image-based tex) tbut the boyfriend dude found out she had gone to a concert with another guy. He meets up with her at some point, she gets in his car, they argue, then he goes for the neck and kills her.

He had removed her body from his car, placed it on the roadside (no sidewalk), put a tarp over her and then laid down on it. That's where he started hacking at himself when a cop arrived.

After surgery, he's still under sedation so the police can't talk to him yet.

A few more pics, mostly of her in life along with the same 2 pics posted by the thread's OP - I just did a few things to them to make them clearer (well the first pic, screenshot, is a right-off) and adjusted the second one to the correct angle.

Afterwards is a clip from the local news folks about the case - no gore.

Cheers :)

East Utica, New York, USA, July 14, 2019

1. Bianca Devins, 17 years old.




5. Seems she liked chains...

6. Redo of image already posted.

7. Same ^

8. The bf spray-painted this on the roadway before lying down on the tarp covering the girl's body.


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News clip (non-gore):


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Feb 22, 2019
Police suspect man killed New York girl he met on Instagram and shared photos of her body online

A New York man, 21, found seriously injured near the body of a 17-year-old girl is suspected of killing the teen and posting photos of her body on Instagram, where they'd first met digitally, police said Monday.

Investigators found the girl’s body Sunday outside a vehicle in Utica, along with the man; he was hospitalized but is expected to survive, police said.

The teen was identified as Bianca Devins, Utica Police Sgt. Michael Curley said. He identified Brandon Clark, 21, as the injured man and suspect in the slaying.
Clark was not immediately charged, and could not speak with officers while he was sedated in the hospital, reports said.

The girl's family said in a statement to Fox News: “Bianca, age 17, was a talented artist, a loving sister, daughter, and cousin, and a wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon. She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven.”

Police were investigating the case as a murder and attempted suicide, Lt. Bryan Coromato said, WNBC reported.

Utica Police said in a statement to Fox News: “With respect to their relationship, it was learned that the two had met on the social media platform Instagram approximately two months ago. They utilized this as a means of communication primarily, and their relationship progressed into a personally intimate one. They had spent time together, and were acquainted with each other’s families.”

Investigators believe the man posted pictures of the girl’s corpse on Instagram, where at least one was widely circulated, Coromato said.

Devins’ death sparked a wave of attention and disgust online over the pictures. Some Internet users urged others to stop circulating the images.

“Our thoughts go out to those affected by this tragic event. We are taking every measure to remove this content from our platforms,” Instagram spokeswoman Stephanie Otway told Fox News via email.

Instagram blocked the hashtag #yesjuliet for attempting to spread the image of the girl’s corpse.

Clark’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram were removed Monday, and Otway told Fox News that Instagram was in contact with law enforcement.