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Destroying Beauty

Discussion in 'Stories' started by BellaMorte, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. BellaMorte

    BellaMorte Death Head

    Oct 14, 2016
    This is the first short story I ever wrote.

    The wind started blowing fiercely, as I looked to the horizon. The clouds in the distance were a strange color of red. Not like the clouds at dusk, but a deep dark red, as if the clouds were the color of wet clay. My daughter came running, tears streaming down her cheeks. I could not hear what she was saying due to the howling of the wind. Such a fierce howl, not like the sound of a tornado approaching but a harsh whistling sound. The clouds seemed to have moved closer to where we were. I began to feel drops falling like rain. It was not clear like water should be. It was red like blood. Blood falling from the sky? This was odd, now I understand why the clouds looked the way they did. I held out my hand for the rain to collect in my palm. As I put it up toward my nose, I smelled a strong sulfuric stench. A wretched smell, like the stench of Gehenna, as described in the Bible. Burning flesh and decay. Suddenly I heard my daughter scream "Daddy!?" And as I looked down into her big, blue eyes, which just flowed those tears I saw as she was running toward me, I watched this red rain began to burn and peel away the soft tender flesh of my child's face. As the rain fell, the spots burned more and more. Her screams became excruciating. The burn started exposing tissue. Such a horrible sight for a father to endure. Her screams were louder and louder. Her hair, drenched from this rain, began to fall away from her scalp. It begin to expose the same tissue and bone. She began pulling hard at her hair, her face, as if to remove this thing that was destroying her beauty.
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  2. Vex Malleus

    Vex Malleus The Death Stalker

    Nov 23, 2016
    Very cool, wickedly vivid, and a interesting read. Thank you!

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