Deep, perfect place


Dec 29, 2019
It's really funny that somebody who attends a forum like this where everybody has in this or the other way a little bit of a "special" interest has not more tolerance than this. I suggest you first go and do a good hard thinking about your double standard fake morals, rather than giving other unwanted advises. Those living in glass houses shouldn't throw with stones.
For me at least, that isnt what i see. what i see is someone who has no vocal outlet to express anything that might help them scream out what they want someone to hear and help with something they dont understand and have no other way to express it other than to do this to themselves in a way to control something ANYTHING in there life. i use to self harm, not in the same way but did it none the less, and it wasnt until i was REALLY AND ACTUALLY OK WITH MYSELF that i came out of it on the other side, still alive and in a good place. considering i have PTSD caused by family and having to be around that family, it wasnt till 2019, 3 years after my mom died (my family buffer) to come out on the other end in a great head place where i can honestly say that TODAY i was able to pay my rent with out having to go to my inheritance for help and i really relish in the fact that my aunt (moms sister) wont get a call or text from me to help pay for it and know that i will never have to speak to anyone on that side of my family ever again. her being the only one to know just makes it a little sweeter.

bit of a rant in there but yeah. they need help to get through what theyre going through.