Serial Killer-Related David Berkowitz Letters


Feb 2, 2017





It is actually after this first letter that the media and police called the killer Son of Sam from what he named himself in the letter. The New York Daily News decided not to publish their letter straight away and ran a few tease articles over the next few days, then on the day they published the whole letter in the paper it soldout within an hour. They kept the presses rolling and by the end of the day they had sold 1,116,00 copies. This record was beaten when Berkowitz was arrested.

Part of the letter sent to Jimmy Breslin not published in the New York Daily News


This letter was shown to the police before it was published, but the above page was not included in the newspaper because it referred to the N.C.I.C - The National Crime Information Center.

Here are a couple of letters that was sent to Craig Glassman from David.


Craig Glassman,

You have been chosen. You have been chosen to die. Craig I curse your mothers grave. I curse your mothers grave. I am pissing on her Craig. Urinating on her head

Your mouth is filled with cum. you blood is sour.

You, Craig Glassman are truly Satan's child, and now, he wants you by his side. Come join him in death little ones.

Master Glassman, you are a man with power (the power of darkness). You are hereby ordered to unleash your terror upon the people. "Destroy all good and ruin peoples' lives. Begin immediately!"

Mighty Craig, where is your weapon. If you don't obey these commands, the commands of you father then you will


be punished. I swear, Glassman, your life will be pure Hell.

We will kill you. We will murder you. Remember, Craig that your mother the harlot the lesbian whore wants to love your so make her happy-kil some your child. Remember if you dont do as we say you will surely die a premature death.

Your brothers & sisters

Craig darling

Craig Glassman the cruelest sickest man on earth. cruel Glassman, cruel Glassman, mean, terrible, cruel, hateful Craig Glassman,

Die Craig Die

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