Sunshine Twat
Apr 22, 2017
Port Cockerton
If we're going by common sense, then no, it shouldn't be a blanket ban. Accident is an accident... Nevertheless, it's something that should be discussed among all the members here. If they wish to discuss about it, that is.
I posted that video I was talking about (lady hit on the road crossing the street) on another site that doesn't host animal stuff either. I didn't even think about it as animal gore. It was an accident plain and simple so that's what I posted it as. Granted, it would be funny if someone blurred the dog out and all you saw was this lady walking a giant censor ball, gets hit by a car and her and the censor ball go flying in the air.
Or would it have to be a censor ball only after it gets hit by a car? :questioning:

Either way, seems a bit silly to censor a vid like that at all. It's definitely worth discussing among other members here, or at least a thread with a poll started.

If I ever get a dog I'm naming it Censorball.