Death Addict
Apr 19, 2016
Most importantly;
  1. Domain has been changed from to
  2. Deleted user accounts have been restored from an old database backup.
  3. All banned users have been unbanned, and are welcome to start being active again any time they feel like it.
  4. Separate video site with automatic encoding of videos. (ETA: 1-2 weeks)
  5. Paid membership and donations have been removed altogether.
  6. Watermarking of content is no longer mandatory.
  7. Content bearing the watermark of any other site is also no longer prohibited.

Let's make DA great again!


Sunshine Twat
Apr 22, 2017
Port Cockerton
@Libertas , while I admire what you are trying to do here I would really like you to explain to the members here what your take is on what has happened in the past - which has for too long been ignored/ attemped to delete & bury by staff - for example:
  • Staff members with multiple accounts
  • The banning of members for no reason;
  • And let's not forget the blatant abuse of power done by staff. One such instance of abuse is changing the status of a banned member to say that he is a child molester. This is absolutely unacceptable behaviour!
These very same staff members are still part of the staff team now - this should be of great concern.

Oh and one last thing... you may want to have a look at FallofMan's account closely. Compare it to one member named Ivanchuk. I believe the latter has had more than one thread merged to make it seem like the other is the original poster.

Although I will never be a part of this forum again, despite having enjoyed very much being a member prior to the sale and the bullshit that came from the new owner, I just thought that these issues should be addressed for the members that are currently here and seem to have no idea how this place truly is.

They deserve to know the truth.

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