Cutest thing no Daddy!


Death Head
Aug 5, 2016
How dare you !
I come for the Gore ,but only saw cuteness that made my heart melt.
Nice counter balance!


Drawing Blood
Oct 14, 2016
I have kids.. and well mine didnt act like that and I sure didnt play that way but I know plenty of parents who do that and the child becomes to the point of annoying. What's great is those asshole parents who completely ignore their children and allow their children to scream at the top of their lungs while at a restaurant or you see the parents encouraging their children to scream and disrupt..

There are parents who would tease now but as the child got older, teach them respect.

The instance above, a friend of mine almost got in a fight with the parents. We were eating dinner and the child kept screaming and screaming while the parents talked to their friends and every once in a while the father would irritate the child which cause them to scream more.

Mostly I see parents who completely ignore their child and the child's bad behavior.