[Child Death] Classic: Aftermath of Sarin Gas Attack in Syria


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Mar 8, 2019
This is awful. My heart breaks, especially for the little kids who never did anything wrong. So devastating. I think we need to go back and start all over again. Maybe we'll get it right next time.
history teaches us in every war is pain and death .. so why repeat and make the same mistakes at the cost of other lives over and over .. if war would succeed it would never repeat .. sad and hard the kiddo chocking away .. reminds my abt my mother (copd patient) who was choking (away) .. upsets me quite a bit .. but no hatred .. what the assad regime needs is more isis centralised and cells around and near the assad government and more intense attacks on assad rather than fighting for territory that is lost and gained month after month .. and costs people every month .. i don't condone terrorism with this or want to stimulate it but that's what i think .. why fight a cancer that may spread if you can cut out the tumor .. i'm sure if the assad regime falls there must be something good to it for many there and not only isis ..


Oct 30, 2018
United States
Humanity will never learn, they'll never understand that war and conflict only fuels the chaos that pollutes our planet. We like to think we are civilized but that piece of us from when we lived in caves and mud huts is still there, that animalistic barbaric instinct to win and survive is what is permanent