[Child Death] Boy Found Hanging on Public Telephone Cord


Queen of DA
Aug 21, 2017
Local Brazilian news report, translated to English from Portugese, so it doesn't make complete sense, so take from it what you will:

Police 1 st Battalion of Military Police found the night of Thursday a child of eight years enforcada near a public telephone in the Joint Jose da Silva Peixoto in the suburb of Jacintinho. At the site, relatives of boy Joao Martins da Silva are shocked by the scene, which impressed even the police.

According to the aspirant Verçosa, the case happened around the 19h in Loteamento Garden Pau D’arc, in Peixoto, and there are witnesses who can clarify whether the juvenile is enforcou, or whether it was the victim of criminal action. “When we reached the place, the boy was hanging in public telephone. As there are no witnesses, we do not know yet what happened here, “the police counted.

In the place, parents Custúdio Joao da Silva, 27 years and Josefa Martins, 26, transtornados evil could inform the police details that help in investigations. The police waiting now, the arrival of experts from the Institute of Criminalistics and officials from the Legal Medical Institute.