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Biker Down ~ Twice

Discussion in 'Stories' started by DeathHand, Jan 26, 2018.

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    Mar 28, 2016
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    This story happened back in the early 1990's and didn't involve me. The guy that it did involve was a member of the Indiana chapter of the same MC that I was in at the time.

    I'd met him at an International club meet and he told me about an accident that he had been in 2 years earlier.

    As it goes, he was riding home one night in a mountainous area with no lighting except for his Harley's headlight. He said that he didn't see anything and suddenly found himself on the side of the road, lying face down: his upper body in the gravel and his legs on the asphalt.

    His arms and legs were sore but otherwise not bad so he raised himself onto all fours.

    Then the headlights of a vehicle lit the roadway up and ran over his legs (which were still on the road). Turned out that the driver of a pickup truck had just driven over a hill in the road and never even saw him.

    The guy's legs were almost crushed but he did regain full use of them. His Harley (a Decker) took alot of damage to it's front end but was otherwise repairable.

    On the left side of the road police found the upper half of a large deer. On the other side they found the back end of the deer.

    You never know :).

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