Are You Truly Evil? Read on And Find Out...

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    It's not uncommon to wonder if someone is evil or if they're just an asshole. I find myself asking that same question about people pretty much daily. For the most part, people are just assholes, but for a select few, there is genuine evil flowing through their veins. How do you tell the difference? After researching behavioral studies, here are the top 12 warning signs that you're dealing with pure evil.What do you think of these signs?

    Two Faced? Ever wonder if your boss is truly that much of an asshole outside of work? Or curse your coworker who talks shit about people at the water cooler but smiles in front of them? You may be dealing with an evil personality.



    1.How Can You Tell? Scientists have researched the minds of truly evil and criminally insane personalities for decades in an attempt to better understand and identify them. In their studies, they have come up with some commonalities among genuinely evil minds.

    #2 - Warped Truths. Similar to #1, people who have truly evil natures will always twist the facts. They do not see things as black and white but live in the gray areas that allow them to mold words to their own satisfaction

    Dealing With The Devil. We've outlined the list of commonalities for you. So how do you tell if you're dealing with the devil? Take a look at the 12 most common signs.


    #1 - Can't Face Reality. Evil natures have a problem facing true reality. They tend to twist facts and alter truths to mold a different warped version that suits them.


    #3 - Not Telling The Full Story. Another sign of evil natures is in withholding information. In their attempt to make people believe they are something they are not, evil people will keep certain key elements hidden.


    #4 - Misrepresentation. Similar to above, evil natures don't like to show their true side. They tend to be misleading in their attempt to make people see what they want them to see.


    5 - Lying. Always Lying. Lies can come in the form of "little white lies" to sugar coat things, or grander escapades that flat out create an alternate reality for them. Sometimes it is done for fun, others it's to show a false facade, but evil people will have lying down to a science.


    #6 - No Remorse. When an evil person is actually caught - whether it be in a lie or in a devious act (let's hope not criminal act), they will show no signs of remorse. Evil natures are incapable of showing sincere remorse because that would be admitting they did something wrong.


    #7 - Responsibility Plague. If you know someone who acts as though responsibility is the plague, you may know an evil person. They want nothing to do with anything that gives them a tie to being morally good.


    #8 - Manipulative. Probably one of the biggest reasons a lot of lawyers are accused of being evil assholes, manipulation is high on the warning sign list for evil people. The reason? They are masters at getting people to do what they want out of sheer selfishness.


    #9 - Fake. Evil people are incapable of feeling anything genuine. It's due to a disconnect with their emotions. They are the "fair weather friends" of the group. The ones who seem "fake". (Hint: that's because they are).


    #10 - Devious. Most people with the true evil streak do not like to see others succeed. Especially if it means you may become more successful than them. You'll find them deviously distracting you from your purpose to keep you from succeeding.


    #11 - Two Lives. Researchers found that most evil people tend to lead two different lives. They seldom let anyone see their true nature. Think, the nice guy in the neighborhood who was "so quiet and friendly" who ended up murdering 25 people. Double lives. Watch out.


    #12 - Controlling. The last warning sign is to beware of the control freaks. Those who feel an incessant need to control everything around them are doing so for a reason: they need pawns to do their bidding. Don't be a pawn.

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    I’ve met way too many evil people in my life!
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    Psychopathy is much, much more complex. For instance a true psychopath has already read the world learnings of them and have adapted to hide the signs. You'll never catch us until it's too late :)
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    Why can't I be both?
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    Every woman I've ever dated.
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    I have lots of traits lots of hate n anger I have never let it slip
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    this is incredibly dumb. first of all you just repeated "liers are evil" over and over and over. Unless your going to try to convince me that "lying" and "being manipulative" are somehow two different things.
    second since everyone has bias everyone interprets the actions of people they dislike as worse then they actually are. And so everyone believes that everyone they dislike are "sociopaths"

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