Airline employee arrested for carrying a stolen gun

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    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police said an American Airlines employee was arrested after she tried to get a stolen gun through a security checkpoint at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Tuesday.

    Officers arrested Elvira Thomas after TSA agents spotted the gun passing through the x-ray scanner, according to police.

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    [​IMG] Elvira Thomas
    Investigators later found out the gun was stolen from somewhere else in the state.

    American Airlines confirmed Thomas is an employee. We're told she works at the ticketing counter in Charlotte, but was not working Tuesday and was on personal travel.

    In a statement, an American Airlines spokesperson said, “At American Airlines, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our customers and team members. We take this matter very seriously and are cooperating with law enforcement during their investigation.”

    American Airlines officials said Thomas has been placed on administrative suspension pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Thomas was charged with possession of a gun on city property, and possession of a stolen gun.

    The incident marked the 37th time a gun was found at the airport this year. Last year, agents found 68.

    Travelers found this situation to be alarming and are curious what the employee intended to do with the gun.

    "I absolutely find that alarming," traveler Carlaina Bell said. "I think we
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