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Discussion in 'Stories' started by Gothopotamus, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Gothopotamus

    Gothopotamus Death Addict

    May 30, 2016
    I had a British skinhead friend awhile back who asked if I'd write him a scene, and here it is.
    It ain't very good, but I tried.
    ...I laid here in a drugged-out haze thinking of you and listening to this song.
    The heat started in my belly and quickly spread through my chest, nipples, thighs and abdomen.
    I let my eyes slip shut as my nipples began to stiffen and my balls grew tight, causing my cock to grow and stiffen.
    I saw you behind my eyes-us.
    I saw you leaning down over me, your mouth lowering to cover mine gently.
    I reached up and caressed my lips with my fingers, imagining that it was your lips on mine.
    The kiss behind my eyes deepened, growing bolder and more demanding. I slid my fingers into my mouth, but in my mind it was your tongue moving in to explore and taste me.
    As I began sucking on your tongue, my right hand became your's, resting on my belly, then moving up slowly, tickling across my ribs to find my now fully hard nipples.
    You stroked, rubbed and tugged on them, bringing a soft gasp from me as I arched my chest upwards towards you.
    Your fingers became more demanding-firmly rolling and tugging.
    "More" I breathed into your mouth, "I need more..."
    One of your (my) hands slid up to entangle in my mess of hair, tugging firmly on it-your (my) other hand ghosted down my panting chest, your fingertips igniting sparks of lust and desire that caught my very soul on fire.
    I spread my thighs widely to you, offering up the secrets of my body to your desires.
    Suddenly your (my) hand grasped my throbbing cock tightly.
    "Beg, boi" your voice was a whisper in my ear.
    "Please, Gordon..." my voice sounded small, desperate and needy, "Please! Fuck me! Make me your boi cunt, your whore...
    Your man..."
    You began stroking my cock slowly and firmly, your other hand bringing your beautiful knob to my lips.
    Moaning softly I opened my mouth to you, and you pushed your hardness deep inside.
    Eagerly I sucked on your cock, my hand moving to grip your shaft and stroke you hard as I worked the head if your knob with my mouth and tongue.
    So warm and musky.
    So undeniably male...
    I began thrusting my hips against your hand, begging for your touch.
    I opened my eyes and thought that, for the briefest second, that I could see your face smiling down at me as I sucked hard on the handle of my hairbrush.
    My eyes slid shut again as you thumbed the precum on my cock head, the hairbrush handle magically transforming back into your amazing cock.
    "Wet it good, boi," your voice and the meaning of your words caused my spread thighs to begin trembling hard, "wet it good, because it's going up your hole..."
    And suddenly your weight was upon me, pinning my small frame under you.
    My legs spread wider for you, one arm moving to encircle your neck, my other hand moving to squeeze your ass in trembling excitement.
    I buried my face in your neck, my hot breath panting out my needful plea...
    "Fuck me, Gordon. Fuck me hard and make me your's forever..."
    I moaned half in fear and half in lust as the head of your cock pressed against my hole, forcing it to open to your demanding passions.
    I raised my hips high as you began sliding up into me, stretching me around your hard, thick cock.
    The ecstasy that shot through me caused me to shudder and gasp out, both of my hands gripping your ass hard and pulling you fully into my tight body.
    I could feel your hot mouth on my neck, shoulder and jaw-licking, tasting, biting...
    Urgently we began thrusting against each other, giving ourselves over fully to our desires.
    I could feel every inch of your shaft as it stroked roughly in and out of my quivering opening, pistoning your swollen head in and out of my tender pink flesh.
    Faster and harder-skin smacking against skin, my nails breaking the flesh on your round ass, your teeth marking the white skin of my shoulders, the bed singing out a fast, steady melody of pure lust, our breath mingling with our loud cries and curses.
    Deeper and harder, your knob throbbing, my prostate screaming with each violent hit, grinding wildly together...
    a hand pining my wrists above my head while another pulls roughly on my hair.
    "Look at me, boi!"
    A command grunted between gritted teeth.
    My eyes opening to meet yours.
    A sob from my lips.
    I'm losing it...I'm on the edge of a cliff and I'm don't stop me, because you're the one pushing me...
    I scream your name as I fall into a spinning Abyssinian pit of hot sparks and hungry flames, dragging you with me.
    Tightly we hold to one another-I can feel your knob jerk with each violent explosion of cum you pump into me, so much like a gun recoiling with each bullet it unloads.
    My cock throbs as rope after hot rope of pearly whiteness splatters between us.
    You are filling me so full...swelling inside me...I'm world is shattering into a million fragments, and you are the sledge hammer that hit it.
    Am I dead?
    Did I hit bottom?
    But I've never felt so alive...
    And slowly I know why-
    You caught me.
    I can feel your arms around me as you breathe life into me with your kisses.
    And slowly you begin to fade from my arms, disappearing back into the dark recesses of my exhausted mind.
    Slowly I pulled the hairbrush handle from out of my ass and let it drop onto the floor.
    I'm a sticky mess of sweat, cum and spit, but I don't care.
    I've tasted your paradise, and that's all I care about.
    I curled up into a ball and hugged my pillow so tightly, pretending it was you.
    For the first time in years I slept hard without any nightmares chasing me.
    Thank you, Gordon, for a beautiful morning filled with beautiful dreams and passions...
  2. SicMonster666

    SicMonster666 Death Addict VIP

    Jul 15, 2016
    I was not turned on nor did i get huge gay boner over this story....just letting you all know. :sarcasm: :D
  3. Strawberry Slaughter

    Strawberry Slaughter Drawing Blood

    Oct 13, 2018
    Why, in my suck twisted little head, did I convince myself that this "Gordon" was the one and only Gordon Ramsey?
    "Yesss blanche that rissoto, daddy!" :laugh:
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  4. tworotten4u

    tworotten4u Death Addict

    Aug 18, 2016
    Get people out of jail then put them back
    @Strawberry Slaughter ... I did a security detail for him a couple of years back when the show first started. I am a sports nut and have know idea who he was., just that I was not to let anyone get close without his permission. Everybody freak out that i got to hang out with him...he is cool guy though.
  5. Ptolemy

    Ptolemy Death Addict

    May 17, 2018

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