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When the internet first came out there was a Japanese fat gut fucking a small child about 3 or 4 in pubic places while people watched. i didn't want to see it it was like a funny vid to some i must have clicked on link and got redirected . it was sick but its legal in Japan as long as there is no brutally or harm sick place
Yes, sickening for that little girl.

Before the internet cp was legal all over the world. Now it is illegal almost everywhere, and every decade or so the laws get smarter for stopping the proliferation of cp and pedophiles. At one point in USA the FBI took over a cp site and ran it for a long time to entrap as many cp producers and proliferators as possible. Just imagine how horrible it is to grow up knowing people all over the world see your childhood abuse and fap to it. The shame, the horror, the indignity, the fear all are thrown at an adult for life that had no real choice in any of it.
Laws against cp were created decades before the Internet. Enforcement was lax or mostly non existent until the 1980s. Then the U.S. pushed other countries to go after it. Japan only outlawed it earlier this decade.
Lolita mag from Nederland in the 1970s began to challenge the norms of society around cp and pedophilia. Interesting history on that mag, laws, jailtime, and outcome for the creator & publisher.