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Based on the ages of the Epstein victims that came forward, he was not a pedophile, but rather a hebephile or ephebophile or teleiophile, which while still illegal by society's standards, mental health professionals don't consider them a disorder like pedophilia.
Ophilia......Ophile......are you fucking kidding me with these terms?! Let's just be normal people!! I can't take it anymore :D


Drawing Blood
Mar 23, 2018
Disclaimer: Do not attempt to do anything that I describe in this post. I will try to avoid being specific in order to make it more difficult to replicate any methods vaguely described.

I am not a pedophile and I do not enjoy child pornography. I have been researching the communities that make up the dark web child pornography scene. I merely just want to share my findings here.

The Communities

Let me start by giving an overview of what cp ( child pornography ) communities are like on the dark web. Most pedophiles on the dark web do not like seeing children hurt. They would like to believe their hobby doesn't hurt children. Hurtcore cp is banned from most cp sharing forums or message boards.

Most pedophiles are not going to get caught. It is extremely easy to view and share cp without ever getting caught. Those who you see get caught are not tech savy. I will assure you though that most people in cp communities are. There is an official link board on the dark web that can be accessed using any hidden service search engine. The links found there are sorted in a convenient way and are all safe. You will find links to guides and various cp sharing sites on this website. This site has been up for about 10 years from what I gather. It has an inconspicuous name that is hard to find but easy to come back to once you know it. Hurtcore communities are non-existent right now. There is no dark web hurtcore community currently operating publicly.
Most cp on the dark web are webcam videos or hidden camera videos ( voyeur type stuff ) there is very little of adults interacting with children except over a skype or omegle call. This is still extremely morally reprehensible but I suspect it is how the pedophiles who view and create it regularly justify it.


As I said: most are not going to ever get caught. Whonix is the most popular operating system used among pedophiles then tails. Those who use one of these operating systems and do not use persistent data are as likely to get caught as you are likely to get caught for pirating peer-to-peer while using a vpn. That is to say very unlikely. Most people reading this know about the TOR browser. It is very good right out of the box and requires very little technical knowledge to use. The most likely way to get caught by a government is by acquiring a virus planted by them. Non-tech savy pedophiles using veracrypt and windows 10 get caught this way. Using tails almost completely eliminates this issue.

I find it scary how easy it is to access child pornography and how difficult it can be to ever get caught. Take this forum. You have well know members who may have been in this scene for years. It is the same in the cp scene. Many users share old cp that they have collected. Some have been apart of this scene for over 10 years.

Daisy's Destruction

Why you probably clicked on this post. I do not have anything to say about it that has not already been said on this forum. The existing description posted on this forum is a better description than I could have ever hoped to write. I found the destruction of daisy within 5 minutes of searching for it. It is banned from all cp sharing sites but there is a lot of cp shared on sites which are not meant to share cp. I just used targeted searches on hidden service search engines to find a download link. There are many scam sites on the dark web that will try to sell cp in general or daisy's destruction. These are always scams. All cp on the dark web can be found for free. Daisy's destruction itself is disturbing but I want to clear the air about what it is and what it is not.

What it is: A disturbing short child pornography film. Akin to BDSM and hurtcore you would find all over Pornhub done to a young dark-skinned child. The majority of the runtime from the videos is slapping the poor girl.
What it isn't: A violent or gory snuff film. There is no blood or gore at any point in the videos.

The forth ( in some collections of it it is the third ) video is the worst ( I have no idea where it is placed in the original publication of the videos ). The woman plays with a flame and puts it at various parts of the girls body as she hangs. It is hard to tell in detail what it is the woman is doing to her during this video but I am inclined to believe the description of it already written on this forum. During all the videos the young girl is crying. Overall though you can find worse child abuse and violence on gore sites. Most pedophiles do not want to see gore or violence just as the mainstream porn population does not.

I have omitted many details. If this thread is allowed to stay up: I would like to answer any questions people have about cp communities in general or about the destruction of daisy. Feel free to ask questions.

For some people this thread may be anti-climatic. I apologize but there is little interesting things in these communities as people would have you believe.
Also I have obviously taken extreme measures to anonymize myself to post this.
Very interesting! Thx for sharing thise informations. I was always curious about this vidn


Murder Junkies
Aug 27, 2019
This also contradicts what this guy is saying, he thinks that a pedophile is not born but made by society.
I dont fucking care about what the guy is saying... Im talking of the definition of the word!
People can have the view's they want, of the word peadophilia. But there's only ONE official definition.