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  1. Zeus

    Rude Bitch is Also a Hypocrite - Anna Storelli

    So the first vid below went viral. Then word hit of the second one. (which is actually 10 short ones crammed together). Hypocritical much? (Read: hippo critical) She's 29-year-old Anna Storelli, a wannabe cam girl, a one-time semi-hottie, and has rage problems for many years. She's had...
  2. Zeus

    [Child Abuse] Rachel Pietro Beats Her Kids in a Viral Video - "I'll Beat These Kids to Death!"

    Happened March 15, 2017 in Middle River or Essex, Maryland, USA. The woman, identified as Rachel Pietro, sent the video to Devon Macijeski, who posted it on Facebook. Someone showed it to Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, who contacted police Thursday morning. Ms. Pietro has reportedly since been...
  3. Sic

    Cutest thing no Daddy!

    She isn't having any of it, lol.