1. Shizuka the Mortician

    People You Hate List

    Thread for listing any people you can't stand. They could be bullies, celebrities, anyone. Let the rants begin!
  2. Shizuka the Mortician

    Dislikes/Likes Content-Wise?

    Thread for people's personal tastes on what they like and dislike. It could be about gore, sexual things, etc. Anything anyone would like to share. This is NOT for feedback on the site itself, tis simply to share similar interests or dislikes with other members. Have fun!
  3. Zeus

    Man Drinks and Tries to Talk With No Face

    I think it's old, but mainly posting to get someone to translate it. It's Spanish being spoken.
  4. TeaDrinker

    Martial Arts FAIL!

    That was some Eyeshield 21 shit :salute: