1. Nyash

    ISIS Fighter Films His Squads Death

    ISIS fighters gets mowed down by enemy Machinegun fire.
  2. Abu Mujahid

    Verily, the Power is in the Shot

    Sniper clips from Incite the Believers operations room, video titled "verily the power is in the shot"
  3. Abu Mujahid

    Infiltration video - and incite the believers

    This is video footage of an infiltration done by an organisation called "And incite the believers" - وحرض" المؤمنين" -, several pro assad militias were injured, 24 assad forces were killed. if i find a way to upload the higher quality version i will try to do so proper combat footage starts at...
  4. Abu Mujahid

    The Railroad - Tahrir Al Sham (combat footage clips only)

    on the 20th of november the rebel group HtS uploaded a video titled السكة (The Railroad). if the other groups in the area fought as hard as hts did the regime would have suffered greatly, during the 3-4 months hts lost 700 fighters, the list of fighters lost is at the end of the last clip. if...
  5. Abu Mujahid

    [Child Death] images from recent bombing in jarjanaz

    Syrian regime forces shelled a primary school in Jarjanaz town in Idlib suburbs, on November 24 Syrian regime missiles launcher fired near al Khansaa Primary School while students were leaving the school in south of Jarjanaz town in Idlib governorate southern suburbs, causing a massacre most of...
  6. Abu Mujahid

    Druze militia burning civilian

    this video (reportedly) shows a (druze) milita burning a (sunni) unarmed civilian in lejat (syria) after beheading him
  7. Abu Mujahid

    awesome videos from rebel groups in syria

    drone footage 1. jaish al fatah (army of conquest) 2. faylaq al sham (sham legion) missile footage 3. jaish al izza (army of glory) 4. jaish al mujahideen (army of mujahideen)
  8. Abu Mujahid

    HTS seizes ISIS equipment

    Rebel group called HTS captures arsenal of weapons belonging to ISIS in Aleppo region in this pic HTS discovered ISIS weapons and IED materials after interrogating members in Aleppo
  9. Abu Mujahid

    [Child Death] 4 dead children in western aleppo

    10th august 2018 22 people killed, including 6 children, following syrian and russian air force (6) airstrikes in urem al kubra, western aleppo. 11 people were extracted alive from the rubble during an overnight rescue operation, these images and video is related : theres are some of the...
  10. BabyBoi0

    Solider tortured and shot dead

    Syria soldier being tortured and shot dead by FSA.
  11. BabyBoi0

    [Child Death] Massacre of children and women

    Assads army stormed into the city of Daara and targeted women and children
  12. BabyBoi0

    Civilian Buried Alive

  13. BabyBoi0

    ISIS - Beheading of an Iraqi officer

    ISIS sorry for the lag in the video
  14. BabyBoi0

    Severe hand injury

    A Syrian bombing victim suffers from severe hand injury and goes under medical treatment for amputation.
  15. BabyBoi0

    Assassination of civilians

    Syria, assassination of civilians and throwing them on the road
  16. BabyBoi0

    Civilian wounded with shrapnel stuck in mouth

    no info
  17. BabyBoi0

    Soldiers kill and torture civilians

  18. Abu Mujahid

    syria, iraq, hezbollah, diyala masssacre, torture

    (youtube will allow terrorists on their platform but if you say something offensive your video will get taken down btw) i dont think any of these videos have been posted here before, found links to the video in a youtube comment section These videos are of the massacre in diyala (a province...
  19. Richie

    HRS ATGM vs ISIS Mad Max Vehicle

    Another video depicting Jihadist vs Jihadsist. This time it's HTS targeting an ISIS Mad Max style armoured vehicle. It's easy to see that the vehicle didn't stand a chance against the Fagot 9k111 projectile that stuck it. It looks as if the missile penetrated both sides of the DIY IFV. One...