1. D'Arce

    Vinnie Paul, Pantera Drummer and Co-Founder, Dead at 54

    Vinnie Paul, drummer and founding member of the heavy metal band Pantera, died at the age of 54 Friday night, the band announced on Facebook. No immediate cause of death was provided. "Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away," Pantera wrote. "Paul is best known for his work as the...
  2. Human Being

    Obscure [MV]

    Still to this day - the most shocking & grotesque music video in history!
  3. Sic

    Fast Eddie Clarke, Motörhead Guitarist, Dies at 67

    > Click <
  4. Starkiller1125

    The new "Dig" music video by Mudvayne.

    EDIT: I honestly didn't intend the tags to read how they are listed. I listed Cats, Mudvayne, Dig, Funny. Then I saw the post after I posted the post and and read "cats, dig, funny, metal, mudvayne" and laughed my ass off.
  5. miscer

    metal thread

    I looked for a thread like this, couldn't find one in the search bar, so thought I'd just make this. What kind of metal do you like? What kind do you hate? Post about it here. I'm OK with most genres of metal (heavy, thrash, black, doom, sludge) I however do not like corny symphonic stuff, nu...
  6. Raj

    Dying Fetus Gory New Music Video!

    Idk if anyone's a fan, but Dying Fetus put out this new video not long ago and it basically has every theme in this website in the video, so naturally I thought of you twisted ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ folks. Also Idk where you guys get so much content to post, but this is my first. Enjoy!
  7. D

    Death Metal (and Black Metal) for Death Addicts

    Given the subject matter/lyrics of most of these artists, this seems like an appropriate place for this. Where are the Death Addict metalheads? A few of my favorites. Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation One of my favorite music videos ever. Make Them Suffer - Cannibal Corpse When...
  8. D

    Next time, pick a smaller toothpick. [Accident Aftermath]

    Happened in Argentina. Unfortunately no further details.