1. YesterdayzMan

    Russian gang beats man to coma & kidnapp him

    No info.
  2. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Genocide and Kidnapped Of 10000 Yazidis, In Tikrit, Sinjar

    (Recorded from Various Angles) Northern Iraq offensive (June 2014) Sinjar was predominantly inhabited by Yazidis before the ISIL takeover. On 29 June 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) declared itself a caliphate in areas of Syria and Iraq, and took control of significant...
  3. morboosossadik23

    Human rights woman kidnapped in Iraq desperately asks for help

    Description: information of the woman Margaret Hassan (18 April 1945 – 8 November 2004), also known as "Madam Margaret", was an Irish-born aid worker who had worked in Iraq for many years until she was abducted and murdered by unidentified kidnappers in Iraq in 2004, at the age of 59. Her...
  4. 13th Hour

    Abduction Compilation

    Crazy shit.
  5. morboosossadik23

    terrorist pages, they become pages of kidnapping, theft of information, of hackers, finally it is no

    This has been happening for a long time, and in most of the Internet pages: jihadists or terrorists, where I got most of my bloody content, they have become pages, sections, theft information and things like that. the same browser told me that I left, that the page was not safe, after a while...
  6. BabyBoi0

    Kidnapped and tortured

    brutally torturing them for demand 5000 to 10000 dollars. Soon Turkish police recovered six Pakistani citizens abducted for ransom.
  7. Akasha35

    You looking at me?

    Man with Face Shot Up Is Bludgeoned with Axe Till His Eyeball Pops Out – Best Gore
  8. Sabbath

    Death by gag

    Hope this isn't a repost I did aeach but couldn't find anything. Deaths by gagging occur in cases of robbery or kidnapping (or a kinky night in), where a piece of cloth or an adhesive plaster is tied around the mouth and nose. This is usually associated with the tying up of hands and legs and...
  9. Maggot

    Tortured for Beating His Wife

    Culiacán, Mexico The man was kidnapped by an unnamed cartel, beaten, stripped and tortured for allegedly beating on his wife. He's told by the sicarios that they aren't going to kill him but warned not to hit his wife again or "things will be bad". He was later sent home in a taxi. The video...
  10. Vael

    Kidnapped girl, 15, escapes three captors after '29 days of sexual abuse'

    A kidnapped teen managed to escape from a horror 29 days in captivity by swimming across a lake. Jasmine Block, 15, was allegedly bound with cable ties and sexually assaulted by three men during her terrifying ordeal. But she managed to flee her captors on Tuesday and raise the alarm with a...
  11. IvanchukZero

    Taxi Driver Beheaded

    In the city of Panuco, state of Veracruz, Mexico, members of Grupo Sombra kidnapped, interrogated and decapitated a chubby man. According to the info I got, the group accused the man of extorting money from local taxi drivers, and punished him for it by death. (Video below the photos)
  12. Zeus

    Floater Found Beheaded and Topless

    Happened on May 31, 2017 in the Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela. She was 22 years old. She'd been kidnapped from her home by six gunmen wearing masks. They killed two of her brothers as well.
  13. videoaddict

    German Hostage Jurgen Kantner is Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf

    The German government refused to pay ransom demands so the terror group released his beheading video to social media. ---- Abu Sayyaf are Islamic militants in the Philippines who have pledged their allegiance to ISIS. The victim was 70-year-old German hostage Jurgen Kantner. They'd been...
  14. Zeus

    Woman Found Bound, Raped and Buried Alive

    Happened in Abuja, Nigeria in late October. She was the owner/proprietor of the Chelsea International School in Abuja, one of the largest schools there. She was kidnapped by her driver and some of his associates, held for ransom, they received the ransom, and still raped and purportedly buried...
  15. GalaxyBoy

    ISIS Victims Seen in 'The Isis Hostage'

    The Isis Hostage is a biography written by Puk Damsgard on Daniel Rye's experiences of being held hostage by Isis. Many people he met while in captivity were later slaughtered by Isis. A couple of their executions can be seen here. James Foley, journalist, United States Kidnapped 22 November...
  16. Zeus

    Man is Kidnapped, Murdered & Dismembered by Drug Dealers

    Happened in Santa Cruz, Brazil. No further info: