1. ChochiPRO

    Man Shot In The Head

    Man shot in the head and he falls into small hole Allahu Akbar :gun: I love all islamic countries... The terrorists Al-Qaeda :) ISIS Also for my opinion this guy who got shot in the head. His head is big and fat. Look at his teeth, why his teeth are like this? Hahaha
  2. Abu Mujahid

    Recent events in Afghanistan

    Recently (september 2019 and october 2019), Taliban have launched a few offensives against ISIS which has been occupying some land in Afghanistan. The outcome of these events have been very succesful for the Taliban, they managed to kill many ISIS members and take their belongings and clear out...
  3. Maggot

    ISIS: New Beheadings And Headshot Executions

    Released on The 7th Sep, titled Reign and Persistence, comes from Sinai, Egypt.
  4. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Drone attacks against Iraqi army

  5. Nyash

    ISIS Fighter Films His Squads Death

    ISIS fighters gets mowed down by enemy Machinegun fire.
  6. Nyash

    ISIS Soldier Shot through the Lung, No fucks given by Buddy.

    Classic Video of ISIS Soldier getting killed infront of his buddy. makes me happy inside.
  7. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Ambush in Gopro, (grenades used)

  8. HKG48

    Isis shoots and kills street artists with shotgun. #HKG48

    Isis shoots and executes street artists with shotguns. イスラム国が射殺する映像。 Isis shoots and kills street artists with shotgun. 路上アーティストを射殺するイスラム国。 #HKG48 by HKG48 posted Jul 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM HKG48 by HKG48 posted Feb 21, 2019 at 8:14 PM Video taken by HKG48. 動画撮影HKg48。 #HKG48