1. A

    syria, iraq, hezbollah, diyala masssacre, torture

    (youtube will allow terrorists on their platform but if you say something offensive your video will get taken down btw) i dont think any of these videos have been posted here before, found links to the video in a youtube comment section These videos are of the massacre in diyala (a province...
  2. Richie

    Close Grenade Exchange With Daesh on the Lebanese Border

    A close infantry fight within grenade range unfolds during a video from last summer. Highlighting Hezbollah’s regular military aid to the SAA as it successfully cleared the final pockets of ISIS from along the Lebanese border. Hezbollah has been a crucial ally of the Assad regime for several...
  3. Richie

    HD Repost Of ISIS Attack On Shia Milita In Syria

    An up close and personal attack by ISIS fighters on a position occupied by pro Assad Katib-Hezblioah from Iraq.
  4. Richie

    Hezbollah in Close Combat with ISIS Along the Lebanese Border

    This video likely took place somewhere along the Lebanese border. Close to Hezbollah’s home turf. AT the time of this action in 2016, Hezbollah had recently been producing a string of propaganda videos highlighting these operations against militants in this region. The Hezbollah element is...
  5. Maggot

    POV of Russian Soldier Fighting ISIS

    Rare Go-Pro style footage of a Russian soldier, backed by Hezbollah in Palmyra, Syria, ambushing ISIS members and inspecting the bodies.
  6. Zeus

    ISIS Iraqi Troops Execute Two ISIS Militants

    VOLUME WARNING It's still up in the air if these are actually Iraqi troops. Some sources believe it may be Hezbollah carrying out the executions. It's also up in the air as to whether or not the victims are actually ISIS militants. The video has been cut down a bit for file size's sake, but...