1. Maggot

    Football Fan's Firework Fuck Up

    Brazil, 17th Sep, 2019. An Athletico Paranaense fan suffered serious injuries to his left hand after an attempt to drop a rocket failed and it exploded in his hand.
  2. SquishyMuffinz

    Disturbing Trend

    Alright so recently there has been this trend all around the world where people use their fingers to make some “impossible” moves and actually disturbing ones I was gently on Facebook watching a thread and there was actually some REALLY disturbing photos I would like to share with you all...
  3. BabyBoi0

    Man shredding his own fingers

    no info (Volume Warning)

    Could someone give her a hand?

    Spanish speaking woman asking for help got her hand caught in a meat grinder. Ouch!
  5. Maggot

    Woman Gets Hand Caught in a Meat Grinder

  6. DeathIsBadMkay

    Female Thief Shot in the Foot and Hand

    Bad camera work, held the camera vertically and held it pointed at the ground most of the time, the video depicts a female thief being punished. The woman carried a child in her arms to help her steal from people, because the child eliminated the possibility of victims suspecting that the...
  7. Ivanchuk

    Bomb Explodes In The Hand Of Aeronautics Military Man

    Translation: A soldier was handling a bomb at an Aeronautical military base in Natal (RN), when the artifact exploded and torn part of his right hand. According to preliminary information, another soldier was passing instruction to colleagues and the artifact, due to problem in the detonator...
  8. TeaDrinker

    Get Your Hand Off My Penis!!!

    Fucking Classic....:thumbsup2:
  9. Zeus

    Young Boy's Hand Blown Apart by a Bomb

    WARNING: CHILD HARM Purportedly a cluster bomb. Happened in Syria. WARNING: CHILD HARM