epic fail

  1. Maggot

    Man Falls From Rooftop - Leap of Faith or Suicide Bid?

    As far as I can tell, I think this is a fail of epic proportions, doesn't look like your typical suicide anyway. It seems as though his friends at the bottom were supposed to catch the man on the roof - or at least he expected them to - but this didn't happen.
  2. Zeus

    Even More Epicker Sexy Fail

    :shock: She's probably only 30, too. Meth is a hell of a drug, people. Wonder what she calls that signature move.
  3. Zeus

    Epic Sexy Fail

    Proof that sexy clothes don't make the wearer sexy! :eek7:
  4. Zeus

    "Trap House" is Raided on Facebook Live

    Happened in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. A "trap house" is basically a drug house or crack house. The guy is flashing his drug money when the house gets raided. They had a warrant, so their showing up during the Facebook Live broadcast was just coincidental...and funny as fuck. Watch the...
  5. B

    Post Your Sexy Fails!

    Post your sexy fail vids and pics!
  6. Zeus

    Suicide - You're Doing it Wrong

    Posted here because he didn't even get a scratch. Happened in India:
  7. Zeus

    Why You Never Barrel Through a Cloud of Smoke

  8. Zeus

    Do it, You Bitch!

  9. Zeus

    Trampoline Fail in Gymnastics

    You're doing it wrong:
  10. Zeus

    Size Matters

    I didn't mean that, you pervs!
  11. Zeus

    Military Basic Training Fail

    There's at least one in every unit:
  12. Zeus

    Workout Fail

  13. Zeus

    Talent Show Fail

    Epic, epic fail:
  14. Zeus

    How NOT to Check Your Fuel Level

    Happened in Russia:
  15. Zeus

    The Fastest & Funniest Video You'll See Today

    Courtesy of the Chicago Transit Authority:
  16. Zeus

    Iraqi Soldiers Suck at Beheadings

    Iraqi soldiers attempting to behead a member of ISIS are either incompetent or have very, very dull knives:
  17. Zeus

    ISIS ISIS Fighter with an RPG Has an Epic Fail

    I bet they're none too happy with their Jihadi brother. :lol3: