1. Maggot

    How to Eat When You Don't Have a Face

    I'm struggling to work out exactly what I'm looking at here :eek: I wonder if he even realises that he's being filmed? Poor guy.
  2. xGirlinterruptedx

    How to butcher a human guide

    Please, DO NOT attempt to eat a human, not matter how clear these instructions are. But, in the event of the apocalypse, now you know: eating the brain will make you go crazy, and the buttocks make a good Sunday roast! LOL
  3. Sabbath

    Having a BBQ

    Just your average cannibals having a BBQ. Dont know if its a part of a custom to eat the dead there or they just like human flesh
  4. Ivanchuk

    While Eating

    A guy was sitting outdoors near his work eating lunch when five unknown people on motorcycles decided to end his little break.
  5. Ivanchuk

    Don't Forget To Feed The Fish

    An unidentified body was found on the beach, Its said that the body had been in the water for around 4 days. The preliminary autopsy was carried out and murder is suspected.
  6. TeaDrinker

    Get Your Hand Off My Penis!!!

    Fucking Classic....:thumbsup2: